After Eyebrow Transplant Can I Shave Some of the Implanted Hair to Help Shape it?

I recently just got eyebrow transplant and still scabbing of course. Now after the scabbing goes away. Can i shave some of the implanted hair a little bit just to shape it evenly with my right eyebrows? Thanks

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Ask your doctor for guidance. You can probably trim hairs after your surgery.

Ask your doctor for guidance. You can probably trim hairs after your surgery. It is best to clear this with your doctor.

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Eyebrow transplant

You may clip the ends of the transplanted hair if they are too long, however you have to be very careful not to pull the grafts.

Once the hair starts growing in 3-6 months, you may periodically trim the hair, since the transplanted hair will continue to grow like your hair.

Adil Ceydeli, MD
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Eyebrow care after Transplant

I would not shave the hair but I would consider trimming carefully with small scissors as you would not want to damage your grafts.

Jack Fisher, MD
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Shaving eyebrow transplanted hair.

Shaving eyebrow transplanted hair can be done without problem. The hair direction however was set by the angle at which it was placed and won't be altered by combing, etc.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Grooming after hair transplant

Once the hair has grown in after hair transplant you are free to groom it in any way you choose to improve the appearance.  This includes clipping or even shaving.  This is one of the advantages of hair transplantation over other options.


Daniel Berg, MD
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Shaving transplanted hairs to your eyebrows

You certainly can shave and shape your transplanted eyebrow hairs, but I would wait about two weeks to let the grafts settle and heal.  

Be sure to check in with your hair transplant surgeon before doing anything.  



Allan J. Parungao, MD
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Eyebrow Transplant – Care and Grooming

For now, I would recommend using cosmetic scissors to groom the implanted hair and the surrounding hairs. As time goes on, you will have more freedom to groom the new growth with the method of your choosing—such as shaving. Of course, you’ll want to maximize the cosmetic appearance of your eyebrows, since that was the purpose of getting the procedure done in the first place! However, if there’s ever anything you aren’t sure about, consult your surgeon for advice since he/she knows your case best


Sanusi Umar, MD
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