Under Eye Treatments For Blue Veins? (photo)

What treatments would you recommend for the area under my eyes? My main concern is the blue veins that are under my eyes. I have unsuccessfully tried many concealers, so I am seeking a permanent solution. My secondary concern is the tear troughs under my eyes. I understand that they become more pronounced with age (I'm 40), and I would like to improve the appearance of that area. Thank you!

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Under eye vein treatments - Buffalo Niagara, NY

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There are many treatments and it depends on their size, location and distribution.

Whereas larger veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, yours can be treated effectively and successfully with sclerotherapy. 

Several options.

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There are 3 options-laser, sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy for the under eye veins.  Each option has pros and cons.  My procedure of choice is sclerotherapy and I have done this successfully without complications for many years.  There are well documented injecting techniques in the venous literature.  I would refer you to vein experts for more info.  As far as the tear troughs- fillers would be be procedure of choice.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

Eyelid veins

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Veins of the lower eyelids are due to normal vein patterns with thin skin of the eyelid.  This is most often seen in patients with limited facial fat and thin skin.  On other areas of the body, sclerotherapy can be used to address the veins.  However, veins in the peri-orbital regions can drain directly into the optic veins.  Thus, sclerotherapy can have the potential to cause blindness.  These veins can be approached with topic laser, such as the V-beam Perfecta.  Local phlebectomy with vein removal is an option.  In addition, techniques which cause thickening of the skin are helpful to reduce the visible veins.  Techniques such as fractionated CO2 laser.  Overall, a combination approach results in the best cosmetic effects. 

James E. White, MD
Chattanooga General Surgeon

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