Do Eye Shields Need to Be Used with Exilis for Facial / Under Eye Wrinkles?

Do Eye Shields Need to Be Used with Exilis for Facial / Under Eye Wrinkles?

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No Eyeshields Needed with Exilis...

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No, eyeshields do not need to be worn when treating under eye wrinkles.  Radio frequency is not a laser, however, the provider who is treating you should take extra care of staying on the bone of your orbital rim...

Good luck.  Exilis is a great treatment.


Dr. Grant Stevens 

Eye Shields Not Required With Exilis Treatments

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Eye shields are not required when treating the face or underneath the eyes when undergoing Exilis treatments. Exilis is a radio frequency technology, not a laser thus will not damage the eyes. 

We have had incredible success in our office at reducing fine lines around the eyes with Exilis! Visit the link below to see some photos of our actual patients. 

No eye shields needed for Exilis

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Because Exilis is a radio-frequency device and not a laser, eye protection is not needed.

However, care should be taken around the eyes, as radiofrequency energy generates heat in the treatment zone.  We stay outside of the bony eye socket to avoid "heating up" the eye.

Our patients have been very satisfied with Exilis, as have we.

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