Exilis - Safe for the Cheeks?

From my understanding, Exilis does both fat reduction and skin tightening. I'm only interested in the skin tightening aspect of Exilis. In fact, isn't fat reduction on the cheeks/face something negative? Who wants fat atrophy on their face...possibly looking even older. I've seen pictures of Exilis being used on the face, but not quite convinced fat reduction on the cheeks is a good thing. Thanks.

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Exilis' infrared modality to be used on the face

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You are correct for having concern regarding fat reduction on the face. Fat reduction can cause unwanted wrinkles  thus the reason that the skin tightening (infrared) modality is the one used on the face when undergoing Exilis treatments. When treated properly with the correct hand-piece, you will not see any fat loss but rather tighter skin and decreased fine lines. 

Visit the link below to find out more about Exilis.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Exilis is versatile and excellent for skin tightening

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Hello. I very much appreciate your question as well as your reason for worry. Exilis is a very useful and effective non-surgical option for skin tightening and is used primarily for this purpose in our practice. You are correct, it is promoted and can achieve some reduction or smoothing of unwanted fullness also, however the treatment delivers energy differently for reduction of fat, vs skin tightening. To simply answer your question, it is an excellent treatment choice for improving the laxity on the face, and neck.  This treatment is quick and very well tolerated but must be provided in a series of 5-6 weekly treatments to achieve optimal results. Most patients will start to see very nice improvements following the 3rd treatment (average) and when the patient would benefit from some reduction of fullness under the chin in addition to tightening the jowls, neck, and lower face, we can easily incorporate the different energy to be delivered to that specific area. 

Exilis is progressive and really well received. Our experience has been very positive and for years it's been difficult to find a competent non-surgical option for patients who don't wish for surgery or are not yet candidates. My recommendation is to visit with a physician office or two who offer Exilis and learn more about it and if it's a good fit for your concerns. You may be very pleasantly surprised by Exilis.

Best of luck to you.

Exilis can be used in a skin tightening only mode

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Yes, Exilis can be used in a skin tightening only mode and should not cause fat loss.  

However, there still may be an uncommon risk of fat loss even with the skin tightening only mode.  We have not seen undesirable facial fat loss or have I heard of it when using proper treatment parameters.

Exilis on the face can improve wrinkles also.  We often use infrared skin tighteing with SkinTyte for the face. 

SkinTyte and Exilis may complement each other and we often recommend alternating between the two.

Robert Strimling, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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Exilis For the Face....

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The Exilis machine has two hand pieces.  It has a large body hand piece which is used for fat reduction and skin tightening.  This large "body" hand piece is not meant for the face.  There is another hand piece that is much smaller and it is used specifically for the face and neck strictly to tighten the skin.  This small hand piece does not reduce body fat. 

Hope this explanation helps.

Dr. Grant Stevens      

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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