What should I do about extremely red cheeks? (photo)

I have had red cheeks since I was born. For that reason I don't know if there is anything I can do because it isn't stress-related. They are always red. The redness is in an oblong oval-ish shape so my face looks longer and droopier. As you can see there is a definite line between the redness and skin which makes it impossible to blend them together with makeup effectively. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks in advance!

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Red Cheeks

Thank you for your question.  You did not mention your age, but you appear young.  Laser treatments are targeting red pigment.  The results of cosmetic laser treatments may be temporary. 
Your face/cheeks may be a condition called Keratosis Pilaris.  Sometimes evidence of this condition is seen on shoulders, upper arms, and thighs.  Look for hydrating moisturizers that contain long-chain fatty acids and 18-B Glycyrrhetinic Acid to restore the balance in the skin and decrease inflammation. 
Good luck, take care.

Salt Lake City Dermatologist
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Long standing redness

There is a specific condition which can cause the long standing redness which you have on the face.

I do not believe any topical therapies will be effective for this indication. I would recommend treatment with the V-beam laser to address the vascular nature of this condition. 

Jennifer Ahdout, MD, FAAD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist
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