Just How Much Can Be Expected of 1.7-1.9 Mm of Lifting from Ultherapy?

I am 42 with slightly relaxed skin on my jawline & under my chin. I've read about Ultherapy and am considering it. Some of the published pics look promising, some not so much. I've read that 1.7mm (which is smaller than the thickness of 2 dimes put together) is the avg lift in the eyebrow area, though I want lower face lifting. Please put into context how much visible lift a "younger" less saggy patient can expect?

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Ultherapy results from different vectors of treatment

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You will get significant results even with what you are reporting for facial tightening as it occurs along many vectors. 

We perform Ultherapy in our Williamsville, NY and have done hundreds/

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Amount of Lifting to Be Expected from Ultherapy

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Hi Kelly,

The amount of lifting after Ulthera treatment varies from patient to patient.  There is a greater effect in younger patients who have good facial volume.  Ulthera is a tool that allows physicians to give patients some lifting and tightening of their neck, face, and brows.  It is difficult to put into precise context just how much visibly younger patients look, but they definitely look better.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lifting from Ultherapy

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There is great variability of the amount of lift that each patient receives.  We saw this also with Thermage for many years of using that treatment. Some would get a wonderful result and others would not get much of any tightening while most received a reasonable improvement.  Ultherapy can never be considered an alternative to a surgical lift. It is not meant to be a choice with surgery, but for those who can't have surgery because of medical conditions, or just don't want to undergo the knife, or feel they are too young, or can't afford the downtime, then Ultherapy is the most effective non-invasive facial lifting treatment.  Rather than imagine how you will perceive a few millimeters of skin lift on your eyebrows, upper eyelids, jowls, etc. think of Ultherapy as a global rejuvenation so that when you look in the mirror, you're not focusing or perceiving an amazing lift in one area, but instead, you just look more awake, refreshed, younger. That's the reality of non-invasive lifting. You can't expect a guarantee to get the highest lift ever. Think of the reasonable average results that most physicians obtain.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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