Exilis Vs. Ultherapy

I am looking into the two possibilities for facial skin tightening. I live in Europe. Exilis is available locally in a nearby clinic at a good price point (50 Euros per treatment to the whole face). The Ultherapy is only available in a clinic in another country and is probably more expensive. They are on holiday now, so I don't know the cost. Can anyone tell me if one treatment is better than the other or are they both the same. I'm looking for diminished eyebags and tighter cheeks.

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Exilis Vs Ultherapy

Hi and thank you for your question.
We have had both in our practice. Currently, we primarily use Ultherapy because of we seen results that surpass the other technologies.  
The ultrasound imagining capability of Ultherapy is just one of the factors that sets it apart from the other skin tightening technologies. Its the only device to be approved for "lifting" versus just tightening, because of how much lifting was seen in the FDA studies. Its the only device to use high intensity, micro-focused ultrasound to deliver the energy, which is a more precise and predictable way to cause collagen denaturation and stimulation of new collagen.  Each TCP (thermal coagulation point) heats the tissue to a minimum of 65 degrees Celsius. With RF technologies, the way the energy is delivered is "bulk heating" which makes it difficult to know which areas are reaching target temperatures.
You also only need one Ultherapy every 1-3 years, depending on how much laxity you started with and what your desired results are.
Good luck!

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Exilis versus Ultherapy - Williamsville, NY

I have had Ultherapy myself and have performed it since 2011 in hundreds of patients. 

Exilis uses monopolar RF energy and works via apoptosis of tissue. There is no imaging during treatments which is the beauty of focused ultrasound therapy.

Ultherapy is a 2 in 1 device, as it provided high intensity focused ultrasound and delivers it while imaging the area of delivery with B mode ultrasonography. It is TARGETED therapy ! 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below under ebooks. 

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Exilis vs Ultherapy

Thank you for this excellent question. Ulthera is a non-invasive focused ultrasound treatment that is designed to lift and tighten the tissue deep to the skin. Exilis is a radio-frequency device, designed to heat and tighten the skin. I think there is a lot of overlap with these devices and many patients can get good results with either one. Ultherapy typically cost more than Exilis because of the consumables used in the treatment.. There is no downtime with either Ulthera or Exilis, and the results should last about 12-18 months. I have had Ultherapy twice, and am happy with the results. The only down side with Exilis is that it requires a series of treatments. Good luck.

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Ulthera is a non-invasive ultrasound based treatment that is designed to treat and tighten the tissue deep to the skin.  It is currently the only treatments available to address laxity of the tissue deep to the skin (aka SMAS).  It does cost more than the non-invasive treatements available for the skin only.  There is no downtime with Ulthera and the results are designed to peak at 90 days and last about one year.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Ultherapy can lift the skin, exilis is for fat contouring

Ultherapy can help lift facial sagging features without surgery by delivering focused ultrasound energy deeply and contract the supporting structures and induce collagen.  Exilis is not focused ultrasound energy that can liquify the fat cells to reduce bulk fat so the two devices are not to be compared.  Exilis may be compared with CoolSculpting, a device by Zeltiq that can recontour fat by killing the fat cells permanently and reducing the bulk of the fat bulge, while Exilis may liberate the fat from the fat cells and not provide long term reduction in fat cell numbers.

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