Exilis Vs Liposuction

The today show had kathy lee getting fat removed without lipo surgery. she tried a treatment called "exilis".  Does it work as well as lipo for smaller amount of fat reduction?

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Exelis vs Zeltiq CoolSculpting vs liposuction for fat reduction

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Liposuction is the most effective but requires surgery. Zeltiq CoolSculpting involves freezing the fat which makes the fat cells die and the body processes them.  Exilis and others warm the fat with multiple treatments.  There is no study of which I am aware that compares the effectiveness of all the different non-invasive treatments for fat reduction.

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Exilis vs. Liposuction

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Non-surgical methods of fat reduction such as using the BTL Exilis will always be less dramatic than a surgical result but do have their benefits. Exilis is performed without any incisions, and the healing is much faster. Patients must be willing to wait longer to see the result and have expectations of minimal-moderate change. Consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area to determine cadidacy for either treatment. 

Exilis vs Liposuction

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We have been working with the Exilis for a number of months now and have been pleased with the results.  Our patients report that clothing fits better and looser than before treatment. We have also had nice results in smoothing areas treated many years ago with liposuction that were wavy or lumpy in texture.  It's always difficult to say without first seeing a patient which treatment is best for them.  We have many options available to our patients including liposuction, Exilis, Zeltiq, Smoothshapes, Thermage, Titan, Zerona.  It's a matter of picking the best treatments or treatment combinations for each patient.  There is no standard, one size fits all, answer.

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Exilis Vs Liposuction

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Exilis, Accent, Zerona, Zeltiq are non invasive attempts at "fat melting" or non surgical fat reduction. The jury is still out but looking here on REAL SELF you can see the following: Zerona has a 72% failure rate, Zeltiq has a 77% positive rating, Accent 53% positive rating, and Exillis has not been rated. But the majority of the goggle search- has very painful, too many treatment sessions, the high cost and time. Vs any type of liposuction is an operative treatment with in 90% positive results. You can always try the non invasive therapies first and fall back on liposuction. Yes, I know the extra costs and time but it is your decision. Awaiting more testimonies. 

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