Which Exercises Are Recommended Post-Op BBL and Smart Lipo

Hello,I am considering having a BBL with SmartLipo procedure done by the end of this year. I am aware the for the next 2 to 4 weeks I have to pay attention to some rules in order for the operation to be successfull at the end.My question is during these weeks what kind of physical activities am I allowed to do(walking,swimming,low/high impact aerobics,body sculpt,spinning etc?). Thank you.

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Smart Lipo For Brazilian Butt Lift???? Why?

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First thing I would do is be sure your surgeon is a Board Certified PLASTIC SURGEON!   Most of us know that using Smart lipo or Laser Liposuction will kill some of your fat cells.  There may be some that survive, but it will definitely kill many!   It might look good initially, but I have seen patients come to my office who have had Smart Lipo/BBL whose buttocks looks no different than it did prior to having the fat injected into it.  They all say it looked great at first then over the first few weeks it shrank back to its original size. 
As far as exercise during the first few weeks after surgery........  My answer is easy None!    If you want to get a good result, you need to allow time for the fat cells to heal.  I personally believe that exercise during this time is counterproductive.    I have performed this procedure for about 14 years and have never recommended that someone exercise during this time.  I have seen some patients who have done this regardless and usually see less fat survival. 

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian butt lift and smart lipo

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Smart lipo is not an acceptable liposuction technique to harvest fat. Smart lipo uses a laser to melt the fat, which is subsequently removed by a suction cannula. It is contraindicated (counterproductive) in any fat transfer procedure to use a liposuction technique that will damage the fat. In order to remove a high volume of fat for a Brazilian butt lift, we typically rely on a liposuction machine to harvest the fat and preserve its integrity. Every year, there is a new liposuction technology to perform the same goal of removing fat. Although all the liposuction techniques will to some extent remove the fat, only a few will at the same time avoid injury to the fat.

During the postoperative recovery, you will need to do a few things to avoid compromising the results. You need to walk and stretch your gluteus muscle by lifting your leg with a knee bend. Increasing the blood supply to the gluteus muscle will improve the survival of the fat that is injected. In addition, you will be able to handle the pain better by moving around. Now, I do not recommend swimming, low/high impact aerobics, body sculpt nor spinning. As a matter of fact, I do not think you will be able to tolerate these types of activities. Remember that during your first two weeks you will not be able to sit, although walking and doing some stretching exercises, will be an important  addition to the postoperative protocol.

BBL and smartlipo

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In terms of pre-op usually for BBl you want to stay out of the sun.  As for lipo, most acitivities prior to surgery are ok. Usually you want to avoid blood thinners fro about two weeks prior to surgery. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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