Exercise After BBL/Profractional Laser Treatment

I had a BBL/Profractional laser treatment a few days ago. I've read I should not be exposed to heat for 2 weeks, but am unclear if that is specifically referring to the sun. When can I resume physical exercise (ie:spin class)? I wonder if the heat will harm my recovery.

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48 to 72 hours post BBL

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Post BBL your skin will feel as if you have a light wind/ or sun burn.  We recommend the patient waits until any redness or stinging sensation subsides.  Working out or any physical activity will rush blood to your face and make you feel uncomfortable.  Will it make your treatment worse?  Not necessarily, but will make you feel uncomfortable.

Follow up after BBL / Profractional

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I typically will try to have my patients wait 48 if they had a BBL targeted at dilated blood vessels and redness so that the results of the treatment are not reversed by increased pressure to open the vessels. As for Profractional laser you can go from very superficial to very deep.  In general, I do not limit the activity of my patients as this will not effect the results but rather tell them to take it easy for 3-5 days so that the swelling and pinkness is minimized. Hope this helps 

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

Exercise after BBL and profractional laser treatment

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Depending on the depth of the profractional treatment, the treated skin will be in the process of healing from essentially burns for a week to two weeks.  Heat and sweating will adversely affect this healing process. 

I recommend not engaging in any strenuous exercise until the skin is completely healed, usually about 10 days after a profractional treatment.

With a BBL treatment, there is no limitation on exercise although I do ask my patients to wait until the following day.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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