Will Exercising Facial Muscles Cause Botox to Wear off Faster?

I work out at the Gym and have developed natural facial expressions (such as frowning / grinning) when exerting force. I currently have Botox for my frown lines which is working great (Only about 10% movement) but I am concerned that when I involuntarily TRY to frown (during exercise) I am causing the Botox to wear off faster?

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Will Exercising Facial Muscles Cause Botox to Wear off Faster?

Botox lasts up to 3-4 months, exercising will not will not decrease the time frame of your treatment.

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Exercising muscles after Botox

Exercising your muscles after a Botox treatment will not cause the effects of Botox to last longer or resolve sooner. The typical duration is 3-4 months for a Botox treatment. Also I recommend Botox be performed by a experienced board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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