I Am Getting Botox Done on Saturday but I Am on Antibiotics?

I am getting Botox done on Saturday but I have had a bad chest infection which I have been on antibiotics and was also given an asthma pump which I have had to use a lot, I have had Botox for the past 2 years and had no problems apart from a head ache after. Should I still get it done?

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Botox and antibiotics

While it is probably ok to have botox injections when on antibiotics, it would make sense to wait until you feel better.

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When you are sick it is best to not get Botox or fillers

Although it is probably ok to get Botox when you are sick it is definitely not a good idea to get filler. It is possible that the filler can get infected from circulating bacteria. The problem with taking Botox is if there is a change in your illness, it will be hard to tell what did it and you'll be wondering if it is the fault of the Botox. So for ALL elective cosmetic procedures it is always best to wait until you are better and usually off antibiotics. 

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Botox & Antibiotics

Although there is no medical contraindication to getting botox while on antibiotics, it is always safest to abstain from receiving any treatment of this nature. Your body can react differently than it normally does because it is in the process of fighting an ailment. Your injector must be made aware and an informed decision then made. All the best. 

Alexander Golger, MD
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Taking antibiotics, can I get Botox

There are no contraindications for taking antibiotics and getting Botox at the same time. It will be entirely up to how you feel and if you want to do it. Medically, no reason not to, but it's just up to you to decide if you'd rather wait.

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