Bottom of breast not rounding out. Will my skin stretch with time? (Photo)

Left breast has rounded out fine, but the ride breast on the fold/incision site the area is tight and appears to be being pulled in/upwards, thus not allowing the implant to round out properly, the incision scar feels more bumpy when pressed too whilst left scar is smoother, will my skin stretch with time to allow to round out? I'm 11 weeks post ba Thanks

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Bottom of breast not rounding out. Will my skin stretch with time?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. yes dear, your skin is supposed to stretch with time of course. You will be alright dear. Remember that you're still on healing process.

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Bottom of breast not rounding out

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Best advice is to follow up with your surgeon. They can examine you and determine if things are on track and if not, what to do to help remedy the situation.

Rounding out?

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Hi Leah. At 11 weeks, you're still pretty early in the process so improvement in shape is expected in most case. The photo is not helpful however in determining if something else is happening. I suggest you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Implant asymmetry

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Thanks for your question! It is very difficult to answer without your before pictures or a photo of the other side. It appears your implant is located at the base of your breast, but your breast tissue does have some ptosis on top of it. Considering all of the limitations with pictures (mentioned above) I would encourage you to be patient. I think there will continue to be further softening and descent of the implant position on this breast augmentation result. Best of luck!

Not rounding out

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Your story and photograph makes me wonder if the right implant has been released enough to drop into the bottom of the pocket. With pressure on a scar, such as what's happening on the left, the scar tends to mature faster and  thin out more quickly. If the right capsule feels more tight than some degree of capsular contracture may be at play. After three months, I would recommend, if you are my patient, that some consideration be given to do a small touch up to drop the right implant. Discuss with your chosen plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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11 weeks is close to healed, but not completely

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You can expect changes to occur with your breasts up to one year. I would recommend incision/scar massage with silicone based ointment. Physical massage can break up scarring and help to relax the implant at the scar. You may continue to have some difference between breasts, which is normal, but speak to your doctor and massage massage massage.

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