How to Enlarge the Size of the Nipple? (photo)

I have very small nipples...even slightly invertrd at times. I would like to make them larger both in diameter and length if possible, and for them to maintain erected. Is this possible? What procedures? What are the physical risks?

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Nipple Enhancement

Hello Pjrose- Inverted nipples can be made to be extroverted with surgery through a horizontal incision across the top (peak) of the nipple. These incisions tend to heal exceptionally well. The entire normal nipple is always present but collapsed inward due to shortened/retraced ducts. I can not detect any sign of an inverted nipple in your photo, but if it presents itself occasionally, you could be a candidate for this surgery. Enlarging the nipple can be most easily done with injections of fillers in the office. This is a simple and cost effective approach, which is what you might consider trying first.  Good luck to you.

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Inverted nipple correction

Your nipples can be corrected surgically to increase width and diameter if you like. A stent can be placed to do this.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Enlarging nipples

From your photo, you nipple looks completely normal.  However, if it does invert at times or you would like it to be larger or permanently erect, fillers might be a good option to consider.  There is surgery to successfully correct inverted nipples as well, but that does not usually create a larger (diameter and height) nipple - it is done to keep your natural nipple from inverting.   I would seek a consultation with a board-certified PS who specializes in breast and nipple surgery to get options.

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