What sports bra do I have to wear after breast augmentation?

Hi, I just got my breast augmentation last week and my Dr told me to wear a sports bra all the time for 1 month, and at nights for 3 months. I feel good now and can lift my hand up freely. The bra I'm wearing now has a zip up front. My question is: Can I wear any sports bra for all this time or it have to be a bra with zip up front?

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Use of bras post-augmentation

vary by surgeon to surgeon.  I only ask my patients to support their breasts when they really like the look and want to preserve it.  If excessively full on top, no support needed and I am a believer in the band/strap and massage methods as my results support what my routine has been.  As for what kind of sport bra to use, I would think you would get one that would best achieve what you want... if you want better cleavage, anything that squishes them together will help.  If you want to lift and separate, some bras are definitely better at that so get one that will provide you the desired results you seek.

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Sports bra after breast aug.

The purpose of the sports bra is to give your breasts support and shape during the healing process.  They should not be loose, but snug and any sports bra will work.

Malcolm A. Lesavoy, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation and sport bras

Recommended bras are a matter of choice by the PS.  I personally don't use sport bras because I think they flatten the breasts.  I will use full cupped bras and sometimes underwire bras depending on how I am trying to shape the breasts.  Check with your PS.

Christopher Costanzo, MD
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Breast Augmentation and Sports Bra

I generally like my patients to wear a soft, sports bra for the first 2 months.  A front closure one is best for the first couple of weeks as you don't have to raise your arms to get the bra on.  After that time period I allow my patients to wear a pull over bra, if they desire.I would recommend you discuss this with your plastic surgeon, as every PS has their own recipe for the post operative care.Good luck.Hope that helps.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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What type of sports bra to wear after a reduction

Zip front sports bras are great for the first couple of weeks when it is difficult (and not advised) to lift your arms above your head, however after a couple of weeks I allow my patients to switch to any sports bra as long as it provides compression. You should check with your surgeon first before switching over. 

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If you doctor is not specific about the style of bra, I think you could wear pull over as well as zip up. I request that my patients not wear underwire, push up, or other shaping bras for the first month.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Type of sports bra after breast augmentation

Congratulations on completing your breast augmentation surgery.
There is no standard in plastic surgery for what bra patients wear post operation. It would be best to call your plastic surgeon and ask him directly what he recommends you to wear over the next three months. That being said most patients continue to use the surgical bra given to them after the surgery for the first month (if they like), while switching over to a soft - not too tight yet supportive - sports bra. But some patients switch to sports bras as soon as several days post-op if that is what they like. Typically the post-surgical bra will provide more support, but a sports bra gives more elasticity. To answer your question: Yes. Patients typically pick their own sports bra that is most comfortable for them. Ask your plastic surgeons opinion during the next post-op consultation. 

Best wishes

Traci Temmen, MD 
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Traci Temmen, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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I like....

I prefer sports bra that gives good lateral support during the first year.  The best ones I have seen are the ones that zips in the front but there are others.Best Wishes,Nana Mizuguchi, MD

Nana N. Mizuguchi, MD, FACS
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