I had Kybella and am a little concerned?

I had Kybella last week because turkey neck right under chin, area was about' 1 1/2 inches. As the swelling is going done that area looks as if it is hanging down much more and now is very creapy. Will this small area fall as time goes or now will I need to have skin removed. Do not want surgery if possible? Thank you!

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Kybella Concerns

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Kybella is a great treatment option for those looking to remove excess fat under their chin. However, it is not a cure-all for neck concerns. It does not create a desired outcome for patients with poor skin elasticity, or with excess skin. So my first question would be, are you sure fat removal is all you were looking for when you started the Kybella treatments? If no, it’s time to have a speak with your cosmetic physician, or perhaps get a second opinion from another cosmetic physician with Kybella experience.
If fat removal was the sole goal of your Kybella treatments, then I want to give you some good news: I hear concerns just like these from our Kybella patients after the first treatment. You are likely experiencing some swelling, which will go away over time. Things should be looking back to normal, or slightly better, in another week (2 weeks after injection).
Don’t expect to see a major change after your first treatment. I know it’s discouraging, because it seems like you should see half the result after half of the treatment, right? But that’s not what happens. You’re going to see almost nothing after the first treatment, but a really big result after the second. So hang in there!
Finally, if you find that your skin quality is less than what you expected (i.e. you thought the skin would tighten up if the fat was removed, but it doesn’t), you can always discuss skin tightening treatments with your physician. There are, of course, surgical procedures like a necklift and lower facelift which are excellent; there are also a number of really effective non-invasive options, like Ulthera, Thermage, and ThermiTight.

Kybella & Turkey neck

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Without seeing you in person, it is impossible to comment on your results, but it's important to remember that Kybella is not a fix all for the neck. It really only treats that small area under the chin. It may be that you have other issues that need to be addressed separately. Schedule an appointment to discuss with your surgeon.


Kouros Azar

Sometimes, in addition to excess fat many patients also have lax skin that Kybella is not intended to treat.

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I was an investigator on the Kybella trial and recently reported the results we saw, which was that laxity and crepiness did not worsen when patients had significant fat reduction of their double chin. Sometimes, in addition to excess fat many patients also have lax skin that Kybella is not intended to treat. If after a few months you are still experiencing loose skin, you can see about having a non-invasive skin tightening treatment performed, such as Ultherapy or ThermiTight. Be sure to only have these procedures done by a board-certified, experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Good luck!

Sabrina Fabi, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Skin after Kybella

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I tell my patients to expect swelling and jiggling for 2-4 weeks. Numbness lasts about 6 weeks. And then there are lumps and bumps for up to 8 weeks as well. Swelling does not fully resolve for a few months so i don't re-inject for a few months. There is always a chance that skin tightening may be needed, although not often, if the patients are chosen correctly.

My best,
Dr. Nazarian
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Kybella treatment

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It is a little to early to evaluate the final results from your Kybella treatment.  I would wait at least 1 month to evaluate your changes.  You might also want to consider keeping a photo log of your progress.  Kybella relies somewhat on the skin's ability to retract as the fat is dissolved. Patients with good skin elasticity are better candidates for Kybella in general.  Make sure you go to all of your follow-up appointments so your doctor can evaluate the results and make any changes to your treatment plan that are necessary.  Best of luck!

Kybella and neck question after

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Thank you for your question.  You are still a bit early after your first treatment to see the full result.  Give it a little more time, keep in contact with your board certified plastic surgeon and keep a photo diary to see the changes that may occur over the next few weeks.  If you continue to have the skin laxity you might need a surgical correction.

Cheers and best wishes!
Steven Camp MD


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Thank you for your question.

Optimal effects of Kybella are typically achieved with multiple treatment sessions.  If skin laxity persists after adequate treatment, I would recommend evaluation for surgical intervention.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment with Kybella and/or surgical intervention for residual skin laxity.

Hope this helps.

The skin may shrink some over time!

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Hello! The skin is still the same size but the fat has gotten smaller-- give it some time and the skin will shrink a bit! If it is crepey after 6 months, then you may want to consider a neck/cheek lift.
Good luck

Kybella reduces double chin fat and may help tighten loose skin.

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Kybella injections cause a lot of inflammation in the treated area resulting commonly in several days of swelling.  After the swelling goes down the skin may temporarily appear loose or wrinkly just as it might after any episode of swelling.  The fat will slowly shrink over weeks and it is possible that skin will tighten over months as a result of the inflammation. If you are a good candidate (excess fat but not extreme skin sagging) then you will probably be happy.
Don't judge your results yet, give the body time to respond.  Of the patients we have treated we have not seen the need for surgery to reduce excess skin. 

Susan Van Dyke, MD
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon
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Kybella and Turkey Neck

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Kybella is excellent for treating the submental fat.  It will also tighten up the skin after treatment.  That being said, if you have a great deal of skin laxity, you may be a poor candidate for this treatment.  It is always best to consult an experienced dermatologist who performs Kybella daily for the best results. I have found that it is best to treat first with Thermage and then start Kybella injections. Best, Dr. Green

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