Has Anyone else Had DOT Laser Therapy for Acne Scars?

3 days ago I had Dot Laser done to my face for my ice pick scars and hyperpigmentation. I was told that the side effects would be swelling, redness, crusting, and tightness of the skin. But I really haven't experienced any of those things. My skin feels rough and is brown where the laser was used, but my main concern is that my face is breaking out so bad. I'm feeling a little discouraged that my acne is just going to get worse again and leave more scars.

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DOT laser for acne scars

The DOT laser can significantly improve acne scars and pigmentation. You should return to your laser physician, hopefully a dermatologist, who can prescribe treatment for your acne. You must avoid sun exposure.

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Dot Laser for Ice Pick Scars

Hello Alice 03,

Ice pick scars are best treated by the CROS Method (Chemical Reduction of Scars).

A very fine point (Like a split QTip ) is immersed in 50% to 100% TriChlorAcetic Acid and applied to the scars, carefully, to leave only a trace amount. If correctly applied, it will leave a small white dot in and around the scar. Multiple treatments are necessary.

The Dot Fractional CO2 Resurfacing is best used for box like scars and dish like scars, although i did not harm you in any way.

Often the Fractional as well as the Traditional Laser Resurfacing procedure is followed by a flare of acne. It is due to a hyperactivity of the oil glands from which the healing (New Epidermis) takes place and also due to the ointment (usually comedogenic) that you have to apply to cover the wound. This acne needs to be treated with Doxycycline which is also useful to keep MRSA infection at bay while the wound heals.

Also, several treatments are necessary.

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DOT laser for acne scars

DOT is a CO2 laser that can improve scarring from acne. It is important to have your acne well controlled before starting treatment of the scars. Sometimes the treatment, or the heavy moisturizers you use after the treatment, can cause a further breakout.

Continue to moisturize. It is also important to keep treating your acne at this point. This is the only way to reduce future scarring. I would wait until you are breakout-free for at least 6 months before going for another scar treatment.

Todd C. Becker, MD, PhD
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