Demarcation Line After Full-face CO2 Laser

I had full-face c02 performed in February. I had Botox performed 4 weeks prior for lines on my forehead. I did not expect to have such a noticeable line under my face. My main areas of concern were lines on my upper lip/chin (not a smoker). Further, I can see that the Dr. did more passes on my cheeks than above my lip and chin (the results in these 2 areas are not great).

The procedure and recovery went very well. However, 3 months post procedure, I noticed that the lines on my upper lip/chin were only slightly improved. My skin is much lighter than it was before. I have a mask-like appearance. Further, there seems to be more large pores (orange-peel type) on my chin. There are a few very noticeable lines of demarcation. I can almost see where the M.D. sectioned the areas. It seems as if my upper lip/chin had fewer passes. Also, the line under my face is very obvious; makeup does not seem to cover the issue.

Since I am now 13 months post procedure, what can I do to smooth and reduce the lines on my upper lip/chin? What can I do to reduce/eliminate the line of demarcation under my face? My husband (an M.D.) suggested I wait a year to have these 2 areas redone. I feel a little creepy with this mask-like look. Will a spray tan work on my lasered skin?

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Sounds like a touch up is unfortunately needed

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I have had 13 years of experience with the carbon dioxide laser and I hope your question does not lead others to condemn this very valuable procedure. My guess is that you have very significant sun damage and the surgeon might have avoided this area of dermarcation by using a feathering approach where energies are decreased as the upper neck is treated to create a transition zone. It also sounds as if some other areas like the upper lip might benefit from treatment with injectable fillers prior to any futher resurfacing as it is my guess that you suffer from some degree of volume depletion.

In our practice the Carbon Dioxide Laser can give some of the most dramatic changes that we see . While the recovery can be somewhat challenging our patients really are universally appreciative of the outcome.

Lexington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What type of laser was use?. If you had the old technology you experienced most of the reasons i no longer use that type of C02 laser. The new fractionated laser specifically that developed by Cynusure. Now we can laser into then or chest to prevent cut off lines. Good chemical pre-treatment may have averted the mask look

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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