Minimum Age for CO2 Laser?

How old do you have to be in Florida to get CO2 laser treatment for Acne?

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Clear up Acne prior to Co2

There is no minimum age for Co2 Laser surgery, however it is not wise to have this aggressive resurfacing procedure if you are still suffering from active acne. Having this procedure while you are still experiencing active acne may only aggrivate your condition and make it worse.  I suggest getting your acne under control and then- once your skin is clear and fully healed- you can see if you are a canidate for Co2 resurfacing to smooth your skin and lesson the look of acne scarring.  Best of Luck, Dr. Clevens

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No scientific answer, depends on your condition

Generally, I think it might be better for someone to wait until they're at least 18 to make decisions on their own. But scarring is scarring and it can happen at any age. You should be mentally prepared for the recovery and this is an important factor. You should be mature enough to handle the change that can occur with a significant course of action to treat your scarring. CO2 lasers can create a significant sunburned type of appearance, and depending on how aggressive you were, it could be a long recovery and this requires maturity that even some adults don't possess.

Redness could take several months on the extreme end. Your crusting and care afterwards will require some significant responsibility on your part and you need to be prepared. Preprocedure preparation can be a commitment as well. You should definitely be optimally treated medically first before undertaking CO2 resurfacing to see if this won't get you to a state that you are happy with. This will require a proven cleaning regime and an assortment of medications including salicylic acid, Retin A, topical antibiotics, and the correct cleanser for the specific skin type.

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Stop the breakout cycle first, then treat scarring


There is no technical age requirement for cosmetic procedures, but most physicians would hesitate to perform an invasive cosmetic treatment for someone under 16, especially if the acne is ongoing and might continue to damage the skin after a scar improvement procedure.

Therefore, it is important to stop the underlying cycle of acne before moving on to scar treatments. There are various treatments for acne, all of which attempt to decrease skin bacterial concentration (antibiotics), reduce skin oil gland activity (drying agents such as Retin-A and Accutane), and reduce skin inflammation.

I would recommend seeking the advice of a physician very familiar with treating acne as well as cosmetic laser treatments for the best advice for your particular situation.

Tanuj Nakra, MD, FACS
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