Elhers Danlos Syndrome and a diastasis recti repair?

I am currently 14 months PP after having my first child and have DR of 6cm from my breast bone to pubic bone. I am pretty sure I will be getting diagnosed with Elhers Danlos based off of my hypermobility and skin elasticity. Is there any way or technique that can be used to ensure that the diastasis repair will hold in a person who has Elhers Danlos? I am very petite and have no fat or extra skin so my belly bulge from the muscle separation is very noticeable.

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Elhers Danlos Syndrome and a diastasis recti repair?

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Ehlers Danlos encompasses a variety of genetic disorders, and for now you should focus on the diagnosis. It sometimes requires skin biopsy and genetic testing, which can help narrow down exactly what type you have. IF you have Ehlers Danlos, the quick answer is that no, there is no way to ensure a repair will hold. That being said, if your plastic surgeon knows you have Ehlers Danlos, he/she can discuss with you the potential risks of surgery and the possibility of taking extra steps at the time of your surgery (ie mesh) to minimize the risk of recurrence. I think you would be best served by learning if you are truly affected, and then go to your plastic surgeon armed with the knowledge that will help the 2 of you make the best decision for you. There have been patients with Ehlers Danlos that have had successful abdominal wall procedures, but there is an increased risk of healing problems and dehiscence. 

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Ehlers Danlos and Tummy Tuck

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Interesting question. As you know ,  ED is a hypermobility syndrome with skin and soft tissue stretching as it's hallmark. In a patient with ED, the tummy tuck procedure is safe. The question is will the results be permanent or will the skin stretch and the muscle repair recur. 

When meeting in consultation with patients who have this disorder I stress a few points.
1. Surgery is safe
2. Muscle repair will be beneficial in improving the waistline. The degree of benefit depends on the degree of laxity of the soft tissues (depends on the severity of the disorder).
3. The incisions may spread which will require a revision down the road. 

Overall,  if your expectations are reasonable, you can have an improvement safely.

Cheers ,
Dr Shifrin

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