Burnt after first session; should I continue with the Soprano Laser treatment? (Photo)

I had a test patch for the Alma Soprano Laser and had no issue. Six weeks later, I went for my first treatment. After my first proper session, I noticed I had been burnt on my bottom and bikini area. I have dark skin but opted for the Soprano as it can be used on all skin types. I was left a dark hard layer of skin / scab from the burn. I have been back to the clinic and they checked it and said this is uncommon. Shall I continue with the rest of my treatments or stop? Is the scar permanent?

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Burnt after first session; should I continue with the Soprano Laser treatment? (Photo)

I am sorry to hear about your experience. To answer your question, I wouldn't say it is just the laser that contributed to getting burnt. The settings for laser hair removal on dark skin should always be conservative, even with a laser safe for all skin types. Could very well have been that the technician started too high. I would consult with them about being more conservative with the settings. Always make sure that the skin is shaved well and there are no lotions or products on the skin. Keep in mind that lower laser settings will most likely have you doing more treatments. But it is always better to be on the safe side.For the discoloration/injury, a scar gel with silicone as well as a lightening product with hydroquinone can keep the dark spot from advancing. Do not use a hydroquinone product on the area if it is still scabbed/healing. Good luck!

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Burn Scar on Face - Silicone Based scar gel with growth factors, sun protection

I suggest you go to an experienced physician for treatments as burns can leave permanent scarring and pigmentation issues.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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