Laser Peeling after Botox?

What safe period after botox I can start laser peeling on my face ?

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You can do the Picosure laser the same day or if easy wait 2 days

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the Picosure laser is the newest and best laser for improving irregular pigmentation on your face with virtually no downtime for almost all patients!!!!!! it is not readily available but worth searching for. it is a fairly new laser and it is expensive to buy so you may have to do some searching.

david berman md

2 days to be safe

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Respecting everyones way of practice, I normally space my Botox and lasers, just in case of swelling- this means your Botox may migrate with the swelling. Hence in your situation I would wait 2 days AFTER Botox to get laser peels. Just my conservative approach. Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

Botox and Laser Peels New York

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You can have Botox and laser peels the same day.  I generally would do the laser first such as V-Beam or Fraxel laser and the Botox afterwards.  There is no reason to wait until the following week since these two procedures can be done at the same time.  Best, Dr. Green

Laser resurfacing in Los Angeles

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I would start a combination of fractional lasers and Melapeels immediately after Botox injections. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Botox & Laser Peeling

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Doing Botox the same day, or soon before, laser peeling depends upon how deep the laser peeling will be. For superficial laser peeling, it is perfectly safe to do Botox the same day. I feel that for deep laser peeling, it may be best to wait until the skin is healed before doing Botox or do Botox at least a day before the laser peel. There are not necessarily studies to support this but just anecdotally, with a deep laser peel you can get a lot of swelling and theoretically you could get some diffusion of the Botox if it is done at the same time.

Wait several days

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There are several things to consider  first the botox was administered in specific places should the laser require a distance gauge pressing on the skin at all times then the botox could be spread to areas that were not intended to receive the botox.

Second Botox is a heat sensitive protein and its it likely the heat from the laser would reduce if not destroy the potency. Depending on the laser treatment I have performed botox after a laser however not after one where there is bulk heating of the skin. In that case I wait a few days.

Glenn Messina, MD
Commack Physician

Laser Peeling after Botox?

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Thanks for your query. Generally Botox takes 7-10 days to show its full effects. You can keep a gap of maximum 15 days for your procedure. Hope it helps.

All The Best

After Botox, when is it safe for lasers

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I wait a few days after Botox for lasers. If done at the same time, it is possible to spread the Botox into areas you don't want the Botox to be.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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