Is it okay to fixed bridge using canine and wisdom as abutments and four continuos molar pontics?

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Is it okay to fixed bridge using canine and wisdom as abutments and four continuous molar pontics?

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Long span bridge with two teeth supporting the dental bridge has GUARDED PROGNOSIS.
You are having a 6 unit bridge, with 2 abutments , meaning teeth supporting your bridge, in area which you chew, I would be hesitant to go that route.

Why don't you have dental implant consult ? if you do not want dental implants, or you are against dental surgery, then know that it might fail, and your dentist needs to inform you.

The bone level and the length of your roots, will directly impact on how long the dental bridge will last you.

Usually, we do a treatment plan for that long span bridge for patients who absolutely insist on having fixed permanent teeth WHILE we have placed implants in pontic sites, and we are waiting for healing and activating the implants for use.

Not advised

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That is a long span for a bridge and expecting it to have many years of service without problems. The canine would be a strong abutment but the wisdom tooth can be questionable. The biggest problem is the span all functioning off of two teeth. A better option would be 4 implants or in finances are an issue; a 4 unit bridge with 2 implants and two pontics in between. Good luck.

John F. Calvert, DDS
Ketchum Dentist

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