How Effective is Heat/cold in with Dealing Dental Implant Surgery Pain?

Which is better to use after having dental implant surgery to deal with pain: cold compresses or heat? What are the best natural pain remedies?

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How Effective is Heat/cold in with Dealing Dental Implant Surgery Pain?

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Ice is mother nature's anti-inflammatory and can be extremely effective. It should be used in cycles of 15 min. on, and 15 min. off for the first one to two days.

In addition, several medications can also be extremely effective.  Dexamethasome is a steriodal anti-inflammatory that used in conjunction with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, such as Motrin, will very effectively reduce post-op pain and swelling.

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Heat or cold therapy after dental implant

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Ice for 24 hours after surgery can help to minimize swelling. It has no effect on pain, although some people use it purly for comfort.


Dr. Kazemi

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Dental Implant Surgery Pain

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You may experience a little discoomfort after implant surgery. It depends on the amount of surgery and if bone grafts are required.  If bone grafting is required, you may have some swelling which the cold then hot compresses will help.  Typically with implants, if a single implant is placed, then very little post operative pain is experienced.  Generally the surgeon will tell you which protocol of cold then hot and medications you will need. 

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

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Post-operative recommendations after imlant surgery

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Standard instructions after any surgical treatment will be to keep cold compress for 5-7 minutes with 5-10 minutes interruption and stay away from any hot beverages and hot meals for at least first 2 days. This is recommended in order to prevent the risks of bleeding after the surgery and more serious complications like infection and implant failure. Cold compress after teeth extractions or implant surgery decreases the blood flow to operated area, protects the blood clot in the place and prevents dilation of blood vessels. General protocol requires to stay away from heat, sun, hot food for the first couple of days. 

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