Is it safe to get a vanquish treatment in my abdomen if I have a IUD (copper t) in my uterus?

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NOt to worry

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This is a contraindication for performing Vanquish.  Discuss with your provider who can make the final call for you. 

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Vanquish and metal

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a copper IUD is considered a metal implant.   Vanquish should not be performed if you have metal in your body. It is the same if you have a metal hip or spinal hardware. You can check with BTL in Framingham Mass (. The parent company) to confirm.

Vanquish - impact if copper IUD

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Even though Vanquish penetrates the topmost layers of tissue, it is recommended that it not be used by people who have a metal IUD.  People who are having treatments must also take off their metal jewelry prior to having a treatment.  You should discuss this with your provider to discuss your particular situation however that is the manufacturers recommendation.  Best Wishes!!

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Vanquish treatments

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Thank you for your question.

The Vanquish treatment is only going down into the subcutaneous tissue. It is not penetrating deep enough to effect anything in the uterus. If you are concerned I would have your doctor call the company to make sure that it is not a contraindication. Good luck. 

IUD and Vanquish

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I believe this is ok to do. The RF shouldn't penetrate that deeply to affect it. The only thing that it potentially could do is heat up, but that is probably only theoretic.

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