Is there a best way to remove this (small, flesh-colored, raised) mole from my nose? (photos)

About fifteen years ago, I noticed a subtle, flesh-colored, raised bump on on the front of my right nostril. The bump has since grown to about twice original size. It is imperceptible in most lighting, but when there are lights overhead, the mole has has its own shadow. I'd be less conscious of a flat scar than of a bump, so I'd like to get rid of it. What are my options? Is there any risk that surgery will cause this currently flesh-colored mole to develop pigment?

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Removing a bump from your nose

The fleshy bump on your nose can be removed easily. In my office the area is numbed with a local and then the raised portion is shaved off even with the skin around it. The base is then lightly cauterized with an electric needle. You get a small scab the size of the lesion which heals in about a week with no pigmentation and little to no visible scarring.  We always send the removed portion to the lab because every so often the bump is an early skin cancer and that can't be determined without sending it. Find a reputable dermatologist and it should go as I described above. 

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