Can I reduce the size of my areolas without surgery?

I'm 13 and I have really large breast, they don't sag that much because I'm not a big fan of bras so I only wear them when Its necessary. With having large breasts I wonder why I don't have normal size breasts like other girls my age. I'm not overwieght either, I'm size 8 in my bottoms and size 12 my tops because of my breasts. I would really like to know if you could without surgery because I'm too young for surgery.

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Large breasts and areolas in adolescence

It is normal to feel extremely self conscious of the changes your body is going through at the moment. If you feel that your breasts are much larger than other girls your age, then it may be worthwhile having a checkup with your local doctor or paediatrician to get their opinion. There are young women who unfortunately grow quickly and seemingly only in their chest! Unfortunately there aren't any techniques to reduce areola size non-surgically. Perhaps when you are older you could have a liposuction only breast reduction to avoid scars on your breasts. The best solution to your problem at this stage is reassurance from those that love you and a doctor with your best interests in mind.

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Breast/ Areola size

Please take the time to discuss your concerns with your mom or another female adult in your family. You can even mention your concerns to your pediatrician at your next visit.  Unfortunately only surgery will reduce areola size however you should voice your concerns to a trusted adult. Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Genetic disposition is the most significant determinant of breast and areola size

Thank you for your question.  Genetic disposition is the most significant determinant of breast and areola size.  At 13 years of age your breast and body are rapidly changing.  Your final areola, breast, and body will not be stable for several years to come.  Unfortunately, there are not any non-surgical means to reduce the areola.  Furthermore, most surgeons would wait until your growth has plateaued before offering surgical reduction.  If you are very distressed discuss your concerns with your parents so that they may consider a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon.

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