Hair wash after FUE hair transplant? advice please

Hello, Its been 9 days since i have done my FUE transplant. I am not sure when can i take a shower normally? can i massage the grafts area gently so the scabs will fall off? i am just tipping on it, and not directing the shower head on the area. Waiting for an answer please.

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Really? ... Really?

You can take showers and wash your hair the day after surgery. Most doctors offer hair wash the next day back at their office.

You paid thousands of dollars and trusted your doctor to perform surgery on your body and you are waiting for an answer on the Internet for post operative care instructions?

... and you haven't taken a shower in 9 days?

Call your doctor.  Email your doctor.

I hope you were able to reach your doctor or take in some basic information from prior answers.

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Washing after FUE

I have patients start washing the next day after an FUE procedure 2 times a day for 14 days.  However this is really something that needs to be discussed with your doctor.  

Amir Yazdan, MD
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Washing Hair following an FUE hair transplant

Dear Sam,

This is information the surgeon who performed your procedure should have given you.  In our practice, patients are to spray their new grafts with a combination of Lactated Ringer's with 5% dextrose (eg: D5LR) with Liposomal ATP (by Energy Delivery Solutions) every hour while they are awake for 3 days post-operatively, and then 5-6 times a day until scabs all are gone. If there are any remaining on the 8th day, I have my patients coat the recipient area with baby oil for 30 minutes, then jump into the shower to get all the remaining crusts and scabs off.

We have found that if you have been good with the spraying for the first few days, that the grafts are fully healed in by day 5 or 6. In terms of showering, my patients are permitted to shower 24 hours following your procedure using the "cup method".....on the day after surgery, the patients may shower, but not let the jets hit their new grafted area.  A plastic cup is used to collect water and then the water is gently poured onto the grafts and into the hair to clean it and wash away the crusting and scabbing.  By day 9, there should typically be zero scabbing and crusting, and frankly a patient is ready to head into work without a hat by that time.

Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS
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Washing hair following transplant

It is safe to wash your hair and gently massage the area at nine to ten days post-procedure.  At this point, the grafts are "anchored in" and although many of the hairs may fall out over the next several weeks, the growing portion of the hair follicle (the dermal papilla) should be safely embedded within your scalp.  I encourage my patients to keep the grafts well-hydrated and begin direct shampooing and massage in the shower by the tenth day post-op.

Scott Boden, MD
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Washing the crusts off

I have answered this previously but will repeat my answer for you. Crusting either comes off the day of the day after surgery, or you must wait until they fall off. We always wash the patient's hair the next day as a service, and after the wash, they have no evidence of any crusts which they can maintain for the duration of the healing process. If you try to actively get the crusts off after a week, you can pull out grafts, so once the crusts become secure, you must wait until they fall off. At about 2 weeks, you can leave the shampoo on your head for 5 minutes, and then gently, very gently rub the crusts. The wet crusts will probably fall off over a period of a few days after you start the process. Pulling off crusts, pulls out grafts.

There are no 100% guarantees, but it is probable if there is no crusting and you did not pull out the graft (and it shed on its own), a hair with a bulb after 12 days will leave behind the growth center. See the medical paper I co-authored, 'Graft Anchoring after Hair Transplantation' on my website, referenced below. It's work reading

William Rassman, MD
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Hair washing protocol after Hair Restoration

Caring for your FUE grafts

A simple protocol to follow is:

1. 0-3 days: spray grafts every hour with the bottle given to you by your surgeon

2. 3-7 days: spray grafts six times a day

3. 8-10 days: if scabs remain coat grafts with baby oil and leave on for an hour and then shower with gentle massage

Hair washing:

This can begin within 24 hrs using the traditional "pour over" cup method.  Some patients like to shower twice a day.  I preferrred twice a day with my procedure!

Pramit Malhotra, MD
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Washing scalp after FUE hair transplant #plasticsurgery

We review post-op instructions with our patients before and after their surgical procedures to avoid questions like yours - the transplanted hair follicles are relatively stable in their new locations just 2 days after FUE transplant. We do recommend 'no touch' hair washing of the transplanted zone and regular hair washing of the 'donor site' zone for 10 days after surgery.

Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS
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Hair wash after FUE - Day 9

You need to discuss this with your hair transplant doctor about how you need to take care of your hair.  Here is what I recommend to my FUE transplant patients:

  1. Hair wash with special shampoo and sponge (that we provide) for the firsts 5 days twice a day.
  2. After day 6 from the procedure they can continue washing their hair with shampoo, leaving it longer on the scalp until the scabs are getting soft and fall.
  3. Resume regular hair washing after the first week if the scabs are all gone, if continue to have scabs they have to wash their head twice a day until they are all gone.

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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Post-op care: How do I care for my grafts?

Every surgeon has a different "protocol" or advice for how to care for the scalp and grafts after the transplant. It's critically important to give your surgeon a call if you're not sure of something. 

I have my patients very gently pour soapy shampoo containing water over the grafts twice daily for a week (and then rinse each time too).  For the first three days, grafts are sprayed with ATP solution. For the first week, I don't like patients to touch the grafts.

In week 2 (day 8-14), grafts can be gently massaged in order to loosen crusts. I often recommend application of baby oil three times per week to soften the crusts. Washing is done once daily in week 2 rather than twice daily.  For most of my patients, normal showering resumes day 14. 

This is how my patients do it - but be sure to check with your surgeon for specific advice. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

Post op FUE

Each office has their own post op regiment, which they should have reviewed with you after your procedure.  However, typically by this time you can start to take a shower with low pressure, and shampoo very gently.  By tenth day you can start to rub the area.  So at two weeks you can wash normally,

Michael Meshkin, MD
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