I Had an Ear Lobe Reduction 7 Days Ago. They Looked Great At First, Now Back To Before. When Will I See The Final Result?

I Have Had an Ear Lobe Reduction 7 Days Ago, and my Ear Lobes Appeared Just Perfect After the Actual Operation [from a semi circle, the lobe reduced itself to a slight curvuture as I wanted and i was very happy ] The doctor removed an aprox 80 degree segment from my lobes, quite large indeed! Yet after only a day, the lobes appeared to turn semicircle again. I removed the stitches now but still they appear quite large again, very different from the shape they had just after operation!

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Earlobe Reduction after 7 days - When will I see the final result?

Thank you for your question. At 7 days, it is far too early to judge your result. Some degree of swelling and inflammation accompany the early healing period, which you are still well within. Your surgeon may advise you to refrain from certain behaviors which can contribute to prolonged swelling. In general, significant changes are visible by 14 days after an earlobe reduction. However, scars do not reach full maturation for months. The true final result may not be apparent until then. I hope that helps.

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Post op

you are too early post operatively to come to any conclusions about the final result. please give yourself a couple of weeks or preferably months prior to any conclusions

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Swelling of earlobes after reduction surgery

Thank you for the question. Most likely you have swelling of the earlobe and this usually resolve by itself. The only concern here is that the swelling started a week after surgery and not sure if there is wound infection. I suggest you contact your plastic surgeon for advice.

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Ear lobe reduction 7 days ago

It is not uncommon for there to be some persistent swelling that starts a few days after the procedure and can last for several weeks.  The skin of the earlobe should tighten again over time and the final results will likely look more like what you were expecting.  Hang in there and gently massage the lobes.  Hope this helped.

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