Is There a Dysport Rebate?

One of my friends was telling me she heard something about a Dysport rebate similar to what Botox has done in the past. Is this true that a Dysport rebate is being offered right now?

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Dysport Rebates

Dysport is currently sold by Galderma and Botox is currently sold by Allergan.  Both companies have manufacturers rebates similar to other items you may buy and these rebates come and go.  Both companies have a frequent flyer program.  The one for Botox is called Brilliant Distinctions and the Dysport version is called Aspire Rewards.  

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ASPIRE- Galderma/dysport rewards program

Dysport is owned by the company named Galderma, They have just recently came out with the rewards program for clients/patients who use galderma products such as Dysport called the Aspire Galderma rewards program! It is very easy to register for, no paperwork involved, and it has a personal profile site just for you! I hope this helps you on your journey!:)

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Dysport Rebate

Dysport currently has rebates for $50. You need to submit the receipt from your physician with a form from the Medicis  web site. See their web site for the duration of this promotion. It seems they typically do it in two month cycles.

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Dysport rebate

There is a fifty dollar rebate this month. I believe that this is a company rebate and valid all over. 

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Dysport Rebate

Finally there is competition for Botox! Starting Feb. 1, 2011 there will be a new $50 rebate for Dysport which we will match in our office with another $50 instant rebate giving you $100 off your Dysport treatment! There are new rebates and deals for both Dysport and Botox that come and go monthly so it always pays to call your doctor's office to find out what's coming up.

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Dysport Rebate

Dypsort is offering a "Love it or Leave it" Deal.  This means for the first treatment, you get $75 for trying Dysport.  If you love it, on your next treatment of Dysport you get $75 back.  However, if you leave it for Botox, you get $75 back.  Seems like a pretty bold and aggressive marketing plan to take over some of the market share from Botox.

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Rebate for dysport

Dysport will pay for a treatment in patients who are botox users. If you switch back to botox they will pay for the second treatment. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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Dysport Rebate

The current Dysport rebate is called the "Dysport Challenge." What is interesting is that the company will pay you 75$ for trying their product.  They will also pay you another 75$ at your next treatment whether you choose to go back to Botox or stay with Dysport.  I have never seen something like this in our field and so it is exciting to see a company who is so confident in their product.  So far it has proven to be an outstanding product. As you can read on other posts by other plastic surgeons and dermatologists, they feel that Dysport  lasts longer than Botox and I agree with this assessment at similar priced injections although in some patients the difference may be small. I have done a side by side injection and have seen a significant difference with Dysport lasting a month longer than the Botox side.However, a large study of side to side injections will be the only way to settle this debate though but in general you should expect at least equivalent results. Keep us posted on your experience and be sure your injector is experienced with both products. 

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Dysport $150 rebate

The company who makes Dysport (Medicis) is offering a $75 rebate after your first Dysport treatment, and another $75 cash back rebate after your second Dysport treatment, for a total of $150 in rebates.  The first and second treatment must be spaced at least 3 months apart, and you need a receipt from the physician where you had your treatment to mail in.  Your dermatologist should be able to give you all of the details.  My patients have been receiving their rebates in the mail and are very excited about them!

Mandy Lynn Warthan, MD
Dallas Dermatologist
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Try Dysport and get a rebate of up to $150!!

Your friend is right! Dysport is running a "Challenge" until September 30, 2010.  What this means is that if you give Dysport a try, they will give you a mail in rebate of $75 delivered via check to your mailbox in about 8 weeks.  What they want for you to do is to register online at and let them know that you have tried out dysport and you are awaiting your first rebate.  

By giving them your email address, they are going to send you a reminder email in about 2 weeks from your injection asking you to log into and let them know if you "loved it" or want to "leave it".  As a result, they have so much confidence in their product, they are willing to offer you an additional rebate coupon good for your next treatment of EITHER botox or dysport for ANOTHER $75 mail in rebate.  Hope this helps!

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