Wide gap between breast implants! Why do they fall to the side when I lie down. (photos)

had my BA 3 months ago. I feel my implants a set too wide apart as I have no cleavage ( I know this also is to do with how they were before) but I'am all side boob. When I lie on my back they fall to the side causing indentation on my chest wall.

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I appreciate your question.

I specialize in Breast Augmentation and Restorative Breast Surgery.

It will take 3-6 months for you to feel comfortable having implants in your body and for them to settle. This time allows for you to physically and psychologically adapt to your new body image. There are many variables that contribute to a breast augmentation's final result. Preop size and shape, IMF location, location of the implants and type of implant. Patients heal at different rates and each breast will sometimes heal at a different rate. Rest, relax, recover and heal. Please Express your concerns to your surgeon so he/she can examine you. Then reassess final result at 6 months.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



Implant Placement

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Thank you for your question and photos. I agree that you appear to have a nice result and good implant position when standing. You do have naturally widely spaced areolas and the implants must be centered according to your anatomy. It is possible that your lateral displacement is a bit excessive when laying down. Some degree of this is quite normal. If you feel it is becoming excessive, talk to your Plastic Surgeon about a small revision to the pocket.

All the best

Lateral displacement of the breast implant

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Lateral displacement of the breast implant is not uncommon . It is very normal phenomenon . But if the surgeon  dissect the pocket very much laterally , the problem might be exaggerated . But in your case ,your anatomy is little different from others . you have a wide sternum .You have a good result . Definitely nobody wants to push the implant over the sternum . But Fat fill over this area might be a good option .

Wide gap

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Lateral displacement when lying down is not unusual. This happens with most breasts that are not augmented. In your frontal picture it appears that your normal breast position is lateral due to what appears to be a wide muscle insertion and wide sternum, however your augment looks natural, you have a good result.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
Weston Plastic Surgeon

Wide gap between breast implants! Why do they fall to the side when I lie down.

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. Although some “falling to these sides” of breast implants is quite normal when you lie down, if this occurs “excessively”, it may be a concern to patients. This phenomenon is called lateral displacement of the breast implant; it may be of concern from the visual and the discomfort standpoints. Surgical correction is an option.

Generally, the lateral breast implant displacement can be corrected using an internal suture technique, decreasing the size of the pockets and moving the implants toward the midline. In my practice, I use a 2 layered suture technique to close off the space laterally (towards the axilla). The use of acellular dermal matrix is an option ( although not usually necessary) especially if significant implant rippling/palpability is present. Also, the use of a larger/wider breast implant may help improve/decrease the space between the breast implants.  

I hope this, and the attached link (dedicated to revisionary breast surgery concerns), helps. Best wishes.

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