Would Ohip help pay to reconstruct my breast after weight loss?

I have been very over most of my life. Recently went from a DD40 to 36 A ( barely an A cup) it is affecting me severely emotionally as not only are they small but are very saggy and not normal. I am a recent graduate and can not afford to pay a student loan and a plastic surgery loan. I have lots of loose skin in the tummy breast and arm area and wonder if there is any assistance if you lost the weight and have become very depressed with the results.

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Breast lift

I’m sorry to hear about the loose skin that you’ve been left with, despite experiencing the positive benefits of your recent weight loss. To tighten up loose skin, a breast lift, tummy tuck and arm lift would all help. Unfortunately, these would most likely not be covered by OHIP because they’re for aesthetic reasons. However, if you have excess skin that hangs below your waist like an apron, this could be covered by OHIP. This procedure is called a panniculectomy and it would only remove that apron of skin.

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OHIP Coverage


Congratulations on your weight loss. Unfortunately, many people who lose significant weight find themselves with excess skin. Women who bear children and breast feed also find their breasts can change drastically afterwards. removing excess skin and improving the appearance is generally considered cosmetic and elective surgery so Insurance doesn't cover it. In some cases, excess abdominal skin could be removed with a procedure called Panniculectomy. You would need to discuss the parameters for that with yoru Primary care physician.

All the best

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Would Ohip help pay to reconstruct my breast after weight loss?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your weight loss. OHIP does not pay for this type of surgery. 

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Weight Loss and Sagging

I first want to congratulate you on your weight loss and taking steps for your health.  In general, no insurance pays for loose skin after weight loss except in very special circumstances.  Those are usually after massive weight loss of over 100 pounds associated with impaired mobility and/or chronic skin infections.  I recommend that you speak with a board certified plastic surgeon as well as discuss some of your issues with your primary care physician.  Together, they may be able to come up with a plan for you.  Best of luck.

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Would OHIP help pay to reconstruct my breast after weight loss?

As a rule OHIP does not pay for this type of surgery. If your stomach skin hangs to a certain level then you can request for preapproval for a panniculectomy but I've not seen them willing to pay for any non-cancer breast surgery other than reductions. The only way to know for sure is to book a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon near you to see what your options are. Best of luck! 

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