Started using cosmolan 2 without the mask. Any suggestions?

I had used cosmolan 2 but without the mask! And its been almost 3 days, recently im facing a little reddish and it started peeling, unfortunately now i get to know about the mask, im quite scared now, please help

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Cosmelan 2 before the Mask

Cosmelan 2 is the maintenance cream and not meant to use in that order. Please consult a specialist in Cosmelan and pigmentation to help you.  Best, Dr. Green

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Cosmelon 2 before 1

Cosmelon 2 is a maintenance cream that causes the skin to exfoliate further and even out your skin tone after Step 1  . 
Its advisable to go see your dermatologist and ask them if you are an ideal candidate for Cosmelon 1 and if so you can start using the maintenance cream AFTER THE STEP 1 PEEL ,for about three months , starting with a thrice daily application and tapering it to once daily at the end of the three months.

I suggest you stop using Step 2 now and trying using a calamine / ceramide based emollient till the redness subsides.

Hope this helps .

Karthik Ram, MRCS, DNB
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