Cosmelan 1 mask after effects- lot of irritation band localized but growing red blisters. How and when it will be OK? (Photo)

I've applied Cosmelan 1 mask 4 days before for 10 hours and since then followed my derm's advice. It's been quite itchy and redness on the face for last three days since I've removed the mask but from today morning I've got blisters on my face . See photo. I'm extremely concerned as they are growing and spreading. Kindly let me know should I keep applying all the creams (hydra k and toner) & also apply on the affected area. I have not yet applied cosmelan 2 because Of burning & itchy effects.

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Irritation from Cosmelan led to blisters on face

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What you have is a herpes outbreak near the mouth. Any time there is severe irritation (or injections) in this area, it can cause an outbreak like this. Get to your doctor and get a prescription for Valtrex or Acyclovir. And in the future, should you want to do anything to your face (or if you go to the dentist) you might want to take a few pills before and after treatment to prevent recurrence.

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Blisters after Cosmelan

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It appears from your photo that you have a herpes simplex eruption and will need to start Valtrex to treat this infection before it spreads.  Please return to your treating physician.  Best, Dr. Green

Blisters after Cosmelon

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Hi Aliya ,

Hope your feeling much better now . From the pictures you have posted this looks like a  cold Sore outbreak  .( herpes simplex infection) . You should go back to your dermatologist immediately so she can start you on the appropriate anti virals to combat the infection .

Please inform your dermatologists of any history of Herpes Simplex infections before you start any cosmetic procedure . If you do have any history of such infections it is protocol that you start an anti  viral course before any cosmetic procedures including peels and laser treatments . 

i dont suggest that you apply cosmelan 2 until the infection subsides completely 
Take Care 

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