Are these scars (cobblestoning and ridging ) or are they the roots of the hair? (photos)

Hi Can you advise me based on those pictures, what i can do to make the skin smooth again Also the hairline is swallowed at the side I need help and i cannot know what i should do Everyone told me i m disfigured to the end day of my life and there is no way to fix anything Is it possible to remove those things

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You've posted the same question over 80 times here.

You've posted the same question over 80 times here.  It is unfortunate but a bad hair transplant result is very difficult to fix.

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Abnormalities on the forehead after hair transplant

What I see looks like cysts possibly from infected hair follicles or pores on your forehead. See a dermatologist

William Rassman, MD
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Cobblestoning and ridging

I assume that you have a hair transplant and answer is no, they are not roots of hair but a kind of scar like tumescents that occur after transplantation because of  misleading insertion of grafts ..Deeply burried grafts may be a cause of that . Unfortunaelly you can not do anything for fixing it. 

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it is very difficult to tell from your photos and from your history. Would need more information. If you have not had a hair transplant, you should see a hair transplant surgeon to have your scalp and hair evaluated. If you had a transplant, you should follow up with the surgeon who did your procedure for answers.

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Is this ridging or cobblestoning?


Sorry but it is very hard to discern the scalp in these photos.What is evident is the forehead appears to have some pimples or comedose lesions. Did you have a hair transplant? How long ago? It would be best to have a consultation with a hair loss specialist for an adequate physical examination.


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Hair Transplantation

A little more information is needed to help answer this question:  did you have a hair transplant? Is there anything else going on with your scalp.  Do you have itching or burning of your scalp?  Is this an infection?  I would recommend seeking consultation from a dermatologist or hair loss specialist in your area.  If you did have a hair transplant, I would recommend discussing this with that physician.

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