PRP vampire facelift or ultherapy?

I am a 40 years old, smoker (10 per day) I have a good skin, however there is some sagging area around the mouth, shall I use PRP(vampire lift) or ultherapy?

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Choosing between a vampire facial and Ulthera treatment should not be an "either/or" situation.  At our facility, we have performed 1000s of these procedures, often in combination with a great deal of success!  Vampire facials provide skin tightening and tone and textural improvement.  Ulthera allows for deeper skin lifting and tissue tightening.  The key is having a thoughtful consultation with a professional to assess which strategy best works for you and your aesthetic goals.

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PRP vs. Ultherapy

Hello! Thanks for your question.

When it comes to comparing the Vampire Facelift vs. Ultherapy for the area you're referencing, there's really no question as that the PRP will do little to no good for this area of the face. As such, Ultherapy will offer significantly more tightening to the areas of the mouth you wish to resolve.

As always, consult your nearest cosmetic professional for accurate diagnosis and advice.

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Dr. Berger

Andre Berger, MD
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Ultherapy works

I find that the patients are quite satisfied with Ultherapy.  It delivers what is says it will.  However, it is not a facelift.  Make sure you understand what each procedure can do and what it cannot do.  These minimally invasive procedures are great for quick healing and minimal downtime.  But, they are not a facelift.

Jay Calvert, MD, FACS
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PRP facelift for tightening skin - Nope

The PRP facelift will only give mild improvements in skin texture. It will have no effective on improving the sagging around the mouth. Ulthera will somewhat improve this. Infini has been a better choice for this area in my opinion. Smoking will definitely impair your results and should be stopped. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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