My eyebrows fell droopy again after an Endoscopic brow lift I had. What to do?

I'm 20 and I had the brow lift almost a month ago. A blepharoplasty twice as well. My second was performed together with my first endoscopic brow lift a month ago I guess (on the 17th of July). Right after the surgery my brows were high and I was happy even with the bruising. Later on I noticed them loose and droopy again. My eyelids are puffy for some reason. The doctor says it's risky removing more tissue. So I want my brows lifted for support. Does that mean my brow lift failed?

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Droopy eyebrows after endoscopic browlift

Hi D95,
It will be very hard to give a comment on the result of your surgery, but in general, after endoscopic forehead lift, a mild degree of redrooping can actually happen and if you want the original result you achieved immediately after the procedure, you may need surgery. Other options will be direct browlift, and conventional forehead lift if you are open to have surgery, or suspension lift or threadlift for minimal invasive options.

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