"Double Butt-cheek" After Thigh Lipo?

I had tumescent lipo on my thighs--inner, outer, gluteal fold. It's 4 months after and I seem to have some sort of "double butt-cheek" on my left buttock. I am horrified. I went into the doctor and he basically said that there was just something wrong with my butt. Which is ridiculous, I know I have some cellulite but before the procedure I didn't have a double butt-cheek! Could it be excess swelling that hasn't left? If not, can it be corrected? I am so sad about this.

Updated: I said "left glute" when the crease appears to be on my right glute. But it's an optical illusion because i took the photo using my mirror. So the left appears to be the right and vice versa.

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Always look at your before and after lipo photos

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All physicians performing cosmetic surgery should be taking good quality before and after photos. Ask your surgeon to show you your set of photos and review them with you. 

Kita56, I see exactly what you're pointing out in your photos. Unless you were suctioned on your buttocks, I don't see how the crease would have been created by thigh liposuction. That's why a good review of your photos is essential to figure out what was there befor the lipo was done.




Post liposuction deformities can be improved with fat transfer.

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I see exactly what you mean.  This can usually be corrected with the careful application of fat injections.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Thigh liposuction complications

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Having a before picture would be helpful to make a comparison.  However, it is uncommon to cross the gluteal fold/buttock crease for thigh liposuction. The area appears to be on your right side from the photographs as well. Adding fat into this area may be the solution to help increase the volume in the area of the crease.

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

"Double Butt-cheek" After Thigh Lipo?

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Not sure what you are asking about. I see a fold on your right cheek. Maybe you were expecting to much of a result? 

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