Disappointed with Final Invisalign Results, Options for Continuing Treatment?

Recently "completed" 14mo/30 tray treatment. Adhered strictly to 22hr/day wear. Teeth are relatively straight but laterals are incompletely extruded and pitch of incisors is not ideal. 3 midcourse corrections and never competed any single set due to poor tracking, mostly of laterals. Comparing vivera retainer to what would have been my final aligner, there is a vast difference. Pictures of smile compared to pretreatment do not justify $5K spent. What are my options for warranty or case transfer?

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Your doctor is your best resource to answer your questions

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Doing three case mid course corrections in a case that has great compliance is quite rare. For teeth to move as planned we need these three key elements:

  • Great Invisalign wear - looks like we have that covered
  • Room for the teeth to move - neighbor to neighbor, and in the bite
  • The right force system - this is determined by tooth shape and attachment design

Talk to your current doctor about your concerns and possible next steps. Simply doing more case refinements if the basic treatment approach is the same will not change the outcome. In some cases the doctor's Invisalign representative can be a great resource for obtaining additional information. Also keep in mind that your doctor is working in a biological system with natural material. The exact treatment outcome may not be 100% predictable and perfection may not be achievable. Good luck!

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SO sorry but there are limits. Sounds like the laterals need more torque and that needs fixed braces in my mind. Talk to you Dr and if you need see an orthodontist do so and you should expect a good result. If you limit the Drs choice of tools them you will not get the result you want cant fight a fight with one arm behing your back. you need fised braces to finish

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Unhappy with my invisalign results, what are my options

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Sorry to hear about your disappointment.  I would talk to your dentist or seek a second opinion from another dentist.  Laterals can be a stubborn tooth to move, I think lots of dentists have similar issues with them. Your dentist should want you to be happy

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Invisalign can have some limitations

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With good cooperation on a well planned case that qualifies for Invisalign, you should have recieved results that you were happy with.  You must realize (and have been told), that on cases needing significant movement, you may not get 100% expected results.  Vertical movements such as extrusion are one of those that are not as predictable with removable aligners.  I would certainly talk to your doctor about what other options you have, including fixed braces.  How that works out financially, I don't know.  That would be a question for your doctor and maybe the Invisalign corporate rep.

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

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