Sciton MicroLaser Peel Improve Skin Texture?

After reading this blog and evaluating my concerns (texture, few fine lines, and rosacea), I have decided to have a medium (35mm to40mm) MicroLaser Peel rather then any of the Fraxel treatments. Has anyone had any experience with the Sciton Micro Laser Peel?

I realize that I might also need addtional treatments for some of the texture issues due to acne scarring on my chin. However, it appears that the down time (4 to 5 days) and the cost are about the same as some of the Fraxel treatments... maybe a bit cheaper and I might get better results. Over the years, I have had several IPL/BBL treatments, so my skin looks pretty good for my age (40), although I've always hated my skin texture. Will the MicroLaser Peel be helpful for improving skin texture?

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Microlaser peels are excellent

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Microlaser peels with the Sciton laser are excellent. I do them all the time.  The new "it" laser is the Fraxel systems and their variations. The results I have seen do not impress me, but the marketing of the product has. I think the results of the microlaserpeels are as good if not better.


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Sciton Microlaser Peels improving skin texture

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The Sciton Joule laser platform allows for excellent improvement in skin texture with a Microlaser Peel.  A peel of 30 - 40 microns (not mm) which you describe, should give you a significant improvement in fine lines of the facial skin and improved overall texture.  There will be a 5-6 day downtime associated with this procedure.  I think you will be very happy with the result and your investment should be subsequently protected with an excellent skin care regimen arranged by your provider.

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Flat beam laser resurfacing, Microlaser peel can exacerbate Rosacea

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Microlaser peel is an excellent laser resurfacing technique. However, it is a flat beam technique, meaning the entire skin surface is treated. Generally, flat beam laser resurfacing can cause Rosacea to flare.

Newer fractional laser resurfacing leaves island of skin intact and causes less inflammation. Profractional is Scitons fractional laser resurfacing treatment.

Non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing with a 1540 or 1440nm Erbium laser, leaves the surface of the skin intact and might be better for a patient with Rosacea.

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