Do Doctors Normally Inject Filler Into The Eyebrow Area? What About Temples Too?

I heard that botox can be used to raise the eyebrows a little bit. So in combination of having the botox raise the brow (and perhaps the lateral brow area) can something like restylane be injected (right beneath the brow hairs) brow area to make it look fuller? Also will injecting botox in the brow to raise it up cause you to be expresionless? Any downsides to injecting botox there? What about in the lateral brow area? Can restylane be injected there if you have the forehead skeletal look?

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I use filler routinely in the lateral brow and temples to make a youthful face

I absolutely love using filler in the lateral brow and temples. It does help give a brow lift, but the effect of filler in what I call the "sunglasses" area is very dramatic, making the patient appear much younger and less tired.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Restylane is injected off-label in the temples and outer eyebrows

I have been injecting Restylane off-label for many years in the temples with good rejuvenation success. Radiesse also works well here.  The outer eyebrows are injected with Restylane to create a youthful fullness appearance. There can be brusiing and displacement or movement of the filler which can create an unsatisfactory appearance of the upper eyelid, therefore the treatment is best done conservatively.  If there is an over treatment of the Restylane, some of the result can be diminished by using hyaluronidase, the enzyme which dissolves the Restylane.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Non-surgical Eyebrow Lift with Botox

Yes, what you heard is true. Botox can be used to give the illusion of raised eyebrows by being injected into the depressor muscles and targeted fibers of the orbicularis occuli. The result is that the medial ends of the eyebrows are pulled down by a few millimeters, thereby achieving a non-surgical brow lift.

If too many units of Botox are used or the injection is not targeted to the depressor muscles, it could cause the eyebrows to droop instead.  

Restylane can be used to add volume to the brow area, if desired, and is commonly used to fill hollows or lines in the forehead/face.

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fillers for temples and eyebrows

Fillers like restylane and per lane and radiesse are all good options to inject into hollow temples, and can also be used to lift the eyebrow. As well, we often will combine filler with botox to lift part of the eyebrow. If the eyebrow is too low or the eyelid too droopy, then a blepharoplasty (surgical or laser) is required.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Restylane /Botox to raise eyebrows

Restylane is an excellent choice in the right candidate to give a fuller look for eyebrows.  There is little downside, maybe occasional brusing which is not long lasting.

Restylane can also help restore fullness to forehead, however, Botox may be a better choice cost-wise and in its end result.

H. Eliot Y. Ghatan, MD
New York Dermatologist

Botox and fillers are being used in many different areas now on the face!

Your question is great because it showcases all the many different areas that Botox and Fillers are being used these days.  Fillers are being used in such places as the temples, the area under the eyes and Botox and Dysport are being used in quite a few other areas than the standard forehead '11' line. 

When I see a patient who has only had their '11's treated, it makes me glad that I can expand the options for these treatments for them.  There are so many new treatments in cosmetic surgery and it sounds like you should consider some of them!

My personal new area to treat favorite is the temple area.  Many women seem to lose this area's fullness over the years, so this is a perfect area to treat.  Good luck!

Joel Schlessinger, MD
Omaha Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox and Fillers Work Very Well to Make the Brow Look More Youthful

Your question is a good one and you are clearly thinking about this in the right way. In essence what we are trying to accomplish when we are injecting this area is to create a more youthful brow. As we age, the lateral brow comes down and we lose volume just underneath the eyebrow. Botox Dysport, or Xeomin, injected into the lateral brow, will relax the Orbicularis Muscle, which is one of the muscles pulling the lateral eyebrow down . The forehead muscles, which are pulling the lateral brow up, now have a competitive advantage and will lift the lateral eyebrow upwards. A filler (Restylane, Juviderm, or Radiesse) can then be injected just under the lateral eyebrow, adding back some of that youthfull fullness. This will also change the way that light reflects off of this area, causing it to look younger.The great thing about this is that since you are trying to raise the brow, you want continued movement in the muscles that elevate the forehead, leaving you with plenty of movement to make all of your normal expressions.For the hollow look in the temples that occurs as we lose volume as we age, Radiesse works very well to add back youthful volume and is often an overlooked area for filler injections.If you look at photos of young people, the temples are full. One of the early signs of aging, especially in thin people (I see this in many of my patients who are runners) is the loss of temple volume. Since Radiesse lasts for more than a year, it is a great option for this area.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
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Filler for temples

The temple is often overlooked as an area of volume loss.  Injecting filler into the temple restores the width of the upper face and restores a youthful look.  The temple is an area with prominent blood vessels and it is considered an advanced area to treat.  I have had nice results restoring lost volume to the temple area.  I typically use an HA filler or Sculptra in this area.

Richard Ort, MD
Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon
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There Are Many Options for a Non-Surgical #Brow #Lift

You are essential asking the details for a non-surgical browlift.  This can be achieved using Botox, fillers, Sculptra, or any combination of the three.  The treatment decision is based on your goals and anatomy.

Injecting a small amount of Botox will slightly raise the lateral eyebrows.  This has little effect on your expression, so I would not be concerned that this would make you look expressionless.  The risk of injecting botox around the eye is a drooping eyelid.  This is very rare, but a possibility.

Fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, or Juvederm and be injected at the superior area of the brow to slightly raise it.  It can be used to smooth a forehead skeletal look.  Sculptra, a collagen stimulator, is also an effective in this area.
I hope this helps!



Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra excellent for temples and brows

Sculptra is excellent for filling in hollow temples and the lateral brow. It can also improve the countour of the lateral brow. Botox can help the brow to go up too in many patients.

Jeffrey Schiller, MD
Edison Oculoplastic Surgeon
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