Can Botox Cause a Stinging Sensation Hours After Injection?

I had botox today for the glabellar lines, bunny lines and sides of both eyes for crows feet. Hours later I feel a stinging sensation on the left side of my eye, and my eye itself feels irritated. What is going on? I am really nervous something is wrong! Help!

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Botox should not cause a stinging sensation as a complication

The botox does not cause a stinging sensation, but  if it is in one area despite multiple areas being injected, then it is possible that the disinfectant used on the skin irritated an area, or there might be some temporary irritability from the injection needles in that particular area. This should go away within several days to weeks. Please contact your doc tor.


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Burning and Stinging After Botox Around the Eye. I Would Lubricate the Eye.

Stinging many hours after Botox is unusual.  If you were my patient, I would wanted you to return to the office so I could evaluate the area.  Sometimes after botox in this area, the eye may not close completely.  This will be temporary, but it may cause dryness and stinging in the eye. I would place saline drops in the eye every 2 hours to make sure it is not getting dry.

You may be having a reaction to something else you received during the treatment, numbing cream, preservatives in the botox, etc.  This is why it is important to be seen by your doctor.



I hope this helps!

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Numbing cream and Botox

Many injectors apply a numbing cream prior to injecting Botox (I do.) And every once in a blue moon, someone is allergic to it. If your face is stinging or red or has a rash, my assumption is that you were allergic to the numbing cream. Apply cool water and OTC hydrocortisone, available for a few dollars. Don't use perfumed lotions/soaps or exfoliate the area. It should clear up quickly. If you have any concerns, call your injector for a follow-up. But I doubt very much what's going on has anything to do with the Botox itself!

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Stinging after Botox

  I would relax.  The most common side effect from Botox is bruising, especially around the eyelid area.  I think it is helpful to place an ice pack on the area to help with any swelling/bruising.  If you develop a skin rash or change in vision, I would contct the doctor who injected the Botox.  Lana Long, M.D.

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