My Doctor is Making Me Wait 3 Weeks Instead of 2 in Between New Trays.... Why is That?

Not only do I have to wait longer than others to receive a new tray, my doctor never showed me how my teeth would move on a computer. He didn't show me what results to expect. He is giving me a great deal but, my teeth move fast and I feel like I am wasting time with that extra week. I don't know how I would approach him, for he is always teaching and explaining to his interns, with my questions and concerns. Please any advise would be very helpful! -Thank you

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Teeth usually feel like the move fast, but thats not the point.

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I understand that you feel like your teeth move fast, most people feel the same.  Its not the movement that your orthodontist is concerned with.  Its the stabilization of that movement before moving them more.

Ask him why he wants you to change aligners every three weeks rather than two. I'm sure he can give you a reasonable explanation. 

I am sure he can show you the computer simulation of your teeth movement if you ask.  I don't normally show this to my patients unless asked.


Dr. Alper

New York Dentist

You may need three weeks

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Some times there might be a reason to wear the aligners more than two weeks:

1. The patient may not be wearing the aligners as instructed.

2. The aligners are not tracking as they should.

3. There is difficult movement.

All else being equal two weeks should be sufficient.

The Doctor can easily show you your tooth movement on his computer

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
Encino Orthodontist

Perception of tooth movement can be difficult

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While the teeth may seem to have moved within days of wearing a new aligner, complete movement often takes the entire 2 weeks (some have tried to move their case along and change aligners every 7 days.  Don't).  A 3 week course may mean that your teeth are not tracking as expected.

Express your concerns, I am sure that your doctor can explain it all and show you your case on the computer.

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