Can Buttons Be Placed on the Inside of the Teeth So They Can't Be Seen?

Can the buttons be applied lingual to avoid having the ugly bumps where they can be seen?

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Can buttons be placed on the inside for invisalign?

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Previous doctors post is incorrect!...buttons (attachments) can be placed on the inside if so requested.  They do work better in most cases if they are on the outside and usually they are not very noticeable....many times they are not needed at all!

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Buttons=Attachments. We place them on the outside...

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Because its where they are most affective. If placed on the inside they will bother the tongue and eating food will knock them off. A talented dentist can place them so they are not very visible.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Not the best answer

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There are 162 full time engineers and scientists developing the most effective way to move teeth with Invisalign.

Those buttons are shaped and placed precisely in a  position to provide the best possible mechanical advantage for tooth movement. The design of the buttons is very scientific.

On the other hand, your case may not even require buttons. You could place the buttons on the lingual but remember, you might compromise the effectiveness of the treatment.

Bottom line, have your Orthodontist show you the computerized model of your teeth with the buttons. In your case the buttons may be a non issue. If they are an issue you might come up with a compromise.

Even if you were to have veneers almost always it is best to use the Invisalign first and then the veneers.That way the size of the veneer will be correct and less enamel will be taken from your teeth. Most often Invisalign will eliminate the need for veneers.

Only a handful of our patients have complained about the buttons

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
Encino Orthodontist

Invisalign buttons on the inside

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yes, we can place buttons on the inside. It makes taking the aligner more difficult if you have buttons on the inside and outside however.


Clear Buttons Work with Invisalign

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"Buttons" are sometimes bonded to the teeth during Invisalign treatment so that you can wear rubber bands with your aligners to correct the bite relationship between your upper and lower teeth. The position of the buttons is determined by the desired action and direction of pull (remember vectors from your high school geometry?) While it may be possible to place buttons on the inside of the teeth, there may be an easier solution if appearance is your major concern. Invisalign and several other manufacturers make clear buttons that work just as well as the silver ones and they work just as well. Ask your orthodontist if that would be an option for you!

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Invisalign Buttons on the Inside of the teeth

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Unfortunately the way the buttons are engineered by Align Technology they are unable to be place on the inside (lingual) of the teeth.  To be honest unless someone is extremely close you cannot even see the buttons.  Hope this helps

Yes, but they are more effective on the outside

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The buttons or attachments are far more effective on the outside of the teeth and are really not that noticeable.  If you are that concerned about aesthetics you might look into Porcelain Veneers as an alternative.  They can often provide "instant orthodontics" and many people make the mistake of going into Invisalign and finding out after treatment that their straight teeth are not as pretty as they really wanted.

Can buttons be placed on the inside?

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In some circumstances, buttons can be placed on the inside for both fixed braces and Invisalign.  It depends on what direction the orthodontist is applying force to the teeth.  You should ask the orthodontist if this is an option for you.

Thomas Braun, DMD
Fairfield Orthodontist

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