What Are 3 Disadvantages of Getting Cerec Crowns?

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Cerec crowns are great

Cerec crowns look and feel great. They're also reliable and should last a good while.  The biggest advantage is that they can be created in just a day. 

We have an in-house lab in our office with an expert in technician working on every Cerec crown, when made correctly they truly look amazing.  Good Luck!

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Disadvantages of CEREC crowns

After using CEREC technology for over ten years, I can tell you there aren't three real disadvantages to speak of. There are however more than three advantages.  They would include single visit capability, complete control of the shape, contour and fit by the Dentist, and strong durable metal free restorations.

Disadvantages to CEREC

Some teeth are best restored with CEREC crowns, to be sure, but there are details of your teeth that the dentist must consider before choosing the right type of restoration.  CEREC is not the only choice that will work.  If your dentist only thinks of that option, then she/he may be trying to use the cool new technology instead of thinking about what is best for you.  I think CEREC can make beautiful restorations that equal the best traditionally lab made crowns, but sometimes, it is necessary to use the lab artist.  Front teeth are a great example of when the artists' touch can make all the difference.

Steve Carstensen, DDS
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Their are absolutely NO DISADVANTAGES of getting a Cerec crown.  CEREC crowns are done in a single visit by a state of the art CAD/CAM computer and milling unit.  The accuracy of fit and the precision of the digital images are far better than any impressions or models made by an outside lab.  Furthermore, the materials used are the most similar to your own enamel as far as wear, esthetics, and flexibility.  Their is no metal in a CEREC crown, so the material is also the most bio compatible.  Expect to get 20 years or more of life out of a CEREC crown.

Jimmy C. Wu, DDS
San Diego Dentist

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