Dimples disappeared after Botox for Jawline Reduction (after)

I have had bruxism since I was a kid. My doctor recommended botox on my masseter muscles to weaken them. A nice side effect would be the slimming of my jawline, of course. However, he didn't mention AT ALL that my dimples would disappear! If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn't have opted to have the procedure. Now I don't trust him at all. I would like to ask other professionals if my dimples would reappear once the botox leaves my system, and how long it would take. :(

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Duration of Botox effect for masseter reduction

Your dimples will reappear after the effects of the Botox fade over the next 2-3 months, so try not to worry too much.    

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Disappearing Dimples after Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment

A dimple may be caused by variations in the structure of the zygomaticus major facial muscle. When this muscle contracts during facial expressions, the dimple becomes more prominent. Your photos are really interesting. When Botox is injected to slim the jawline, it is often injected into the masseter muscle. However, if the Botox effect softens some of the other facial muscles, it could effect the muscles that also causes your dimples. This effect should be temporary and your dimples should return when the Botox wears off.

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Dimples after Botox

No worries, Botox lasts only 3-4 mths in the masseter muscle, just like in the forehead for cosmetic purposes.

 Your dimple was likely created by your masseter muscle and should return full force with a month or two of the Botox fading.

I treat many people including myself with Botox for Bruxism, and believe it is overall a wonderful treatment. The side effect you had is not something I have heard reported in the literature, probably because the use of Botox for Bruxism is relatively new.  I would have mercy on your doctor for giving you help with what can be a very painful condition.  

Maybe, try fewer units of Botox next time and see if you can still get improvement in your Bruxism but keep your cute dimple.

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Botox and dimples

Dimples occur as a result of facial animation. Most likely as the botox wears off, the dimples should reappear.  Best of luck.

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