Deviated Septum. Should I Seek A Second Opinion? (photo)

My ENT did not think this (attached photo) deviated septum could be the cause of my recurring headaches and sinus infections. Should I seek a second opinion?

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Deviated septum causing headaches

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You certainly have a septal deviation with a bony spur nearly contacting the lateral nasal wall.  The concept of "contact point headaches" has been described.  I have treated may patients surgically with deviations like this whose headaches and sometimes sinusitis symptoms improve. It all boils down to the risk/benefit ratio of septoplasty.  In other words, the risks are quite low for septoplasty (by experienced surgeons) with potentially great benefits.  I would recommend getting a second opinion. 

Deviated Septum

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Hi Ian, Yes I think you qaulify for a deviated septum, You also have a bony spur that appears to be making contact with the lateral nasal wall and has been associated with headaches. The spur could also be obstructing the sinus drainage pathways causing recurrent sinusitis. See another ENT surgeon in your area with the CT results. Best, Dr.S.

Can deviated septum cause headaches

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The quick answer to your question is yes. A septorhinoplasty by an experienced doctor has little downside. Then again headaches are like back pain. There are a dozen things which can cause it but there are more likely reasons

Deviated Septum. Should I Seek A Second Opinion?

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 Perhaps.  A CT scan should reveal all the sinuses and the critical osteo-meatal opening which if decreased or obstructed may be the cause of these symptoms.  A Septoplasty to correct a deviated septum isn't always the answer for sinus issues although it might be.  

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