Bad Smell from Nose After Septoplasty. Took Penicillin For Infection With No Results?

I had a septoplasty surgery 6 months ago and a bad smell started coming off my nose as of 2 months ago. some infection diagnosed by my surgeon and I went on penicillin for a period of 8 days with no result. another course of penicillin prescribed but the smell came back at the end of period. there is a few bleeding in my left nasal whenever the smell starts. it goes worse whenever I get a bath. rinsing with saline water also doesn't help. please advise what I can do to get rid of the smell?

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Bad Smell from Nose After Septoplasty. Took Penicillin For Infection With No Results?

 You should have an examination of the inside of your nose to rule out an infection of the inferior turbinates or a septal perforation, by your Rhinoplasty Surgeon or an ENT Surgeon if he/she wants to refer you.  

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Bad smell after septo

This is indicative of dead tissue from a perforaon or a foreign body. Have an endoscopic exam to find and cure the problem

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What causes a smell from the nose after nasal surgery?

Early after surgery, this is the result of healing tissue or a sinus infection.  Months out from the surgery, the likely cause is a foreign body.  Have your surgeon look for an exposed stitch or other implanted material.

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Be re-evaluated immediately!

Abnormal smells following septoplasty surgery may be caused by a variety of problems.When these smells are encountered six months after surgery they should be aggressively investigated. It’s therefore important to be re-evaluated by your surgeon as soon as possible.
The smell that you describe could be related to a large number of potential problems.These may include nasal or sinus infections, wound healing problems, necrotic tissue, crusting with retained mucous secretions and retained nasal packings.
In the majority of cases, nasal cleansing with saline irrigation will solve the problem. In some cases, antibiotics may be helpful, while in other cases surgical debridement may be necessary.

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Bad smell in nose after septoplasty

You should see an ENT or seek a second opinion. A doctor will need to examine your nose to determine the true cause of the problem. 

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