can ultherapy be used on African American skin

I would like to know what are the side effects of ultherapy and how many sessions will it take to see results and is it safe for black skin types. How painful is it just for the face and undereyes. Thanks

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Ultherapy is safe for all skin types

Thank you for your questions. Ultherapy is safe and effective for all skin types. Each patient’s skin will respond differently to this thermal energy, but you can see an immediate change and progressive improvement as the new collagen grows. It could take 2 to 3 months to see the full results. Your doctor will determine with you how many sessions you'll need. As for possible side effects, there may be some initial redness or a small degree of tenderness and swelling, but these will resolve quickly. In rare cases, there could be bruising or temporary numbness. Ultherapy requires no downtime, and patients are typically able to leave their doctor’s office and resume their normal daily activities. Each person's experience is different, so while most people experience no more than a prickling heat sensation, others will need some pain management from their doctor.

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Ultherapy for all skin types

This procedure is safe on all skin types. Ultherapy introduces ultrasound energy directly underneath the dermis to target loose skin. This treatment can help with production of collagen as well as tightening. Unlike other laser treatments this does not interfere with skin pigmentation.

Jennifer Chwalek, MD
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Ultherapy for African American skin type

Ultherapy is completely safe for African American skin.  It is not a laser, so skin pigmentation does not affect the treatment.  Our patients typically return at 3 and 6 months for photo's and generally wait 2 years before their next treatment.  The level of discomfort can vary widely from patient to patient, but most physicians will prescribe 1-2 medications to take during the procedure to make it more comfortable.  Our patients report that it is mildly uncomfortable but are able to complete the entire treatment.  Thanks for your question.  

Andrew T. Lyos, MD, FACS
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Perfectly safe...

Good afternoon,

Ultherapy is FDA approved and perfectly safe for all skin pigmentation's. For a more accurate answer for how many sessions would be required I would suggest scheduling a consultation in person.

Norman M. Rowe, MD
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Ultherapy and African American skin

Thank you for your question. Ultherapy is safe for African American skin. There is no effect on pigmentation or loss of pigmentation with Ultherapy. Best of luck with your treatment.

Michael Sullivan, MD
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Ultherapy is Safe for all Skin Types

Hi and thank you for your question!

Yes, Ultherapy is completely safe for all skin types. It leaves the top layer of the skin intact and delivers the energy directly to the depth of the transducer that’s being used, leaving all surrounding tissue intact. This is part of the reason Ultherapy is so effective. This technology allows for the temperatures to be much higher because its directed to only this exact location chosen and does not damage the areas around it. We have found it to be the most effective and safe non-surgical skin tightening treatment available.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens, MD
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Ultherapy is safe on all skin types

Ultherapy is perfectly safe for all skin types.  Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound energy that by-passes the dermis and heats up the underlying structures.  Ultherapy works by administering ultrasound energy to specific depths of skin and muscle with precise ultrasound guidance, which causes tissue tightening and collagen production. Using ultrasound imaging, transducers with different depths are selected and the ultrasound energy can target precise depths of the patients’ lax skin and soft tissue including lax connective tissue of the face and neck. A shallow transducer can be used to target the thin, lax and wrinkled skin of the forehead, around the eyes and mouth and the lax skin of the neck. Due to its mechanical properties, ultrasound is one of the only energy sources that can be focused beneath the skin’s surface at any depth, without affecting the surface tissue. Ultherapy will not cause any hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation since the top layer of the skin is not involved. 

The number of sessions vary based on the patient's age, severity of skin laxity and their adherence to a medical grade skin care routine.  I recommend that you have an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that has an Ultherapy expert at the practice.

In our practice we use a cryotherapy unit which makes the procedure much more tolerable. 

Laurie A. Casas, MD, FACS
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HIFU Ultherapy is colour blind.

Absolutely, HIFU and RF ( Ultherapy and Themage) are not lasers, so they do not hit the pigment on the skin, but target collagen and elastin as well as the layers just above your muscles to tighten loose skin. 

In fact there are some studies to suggest that darker skin types such as Asian-Ethnic and African skin do better with these devices because of our exaggerated collagen contraction. So, yes, Ultherapy is super safe. For the best results, see a board certified Plastics or Dermatologist who performs this procedure, 

Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist 
Brisbane, Australia. 

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
Brisbane Dermatologist
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Ultherapy is a Color Blind Treatment

You've asked excellent questions. Ultherapy can be an effective treatment to lift and tighten skin on client's face and neck regardless of skin color. There are few side effects to this non-surgical "facelift".  You can expect pin-point tenderness in the treated area. Less than 10% of client's can experience slight bruising and there is a possibility of being burned. If performed by a highly experienced practitioner with a proven track record of meaningful results, the risk of burn is highly unlikely. The pain associated with Ultherapy can vary from client to client. Some clients breeze through with little discomfort and others may need pain management techniques. On a scale of 1 ( least pain) to 10 ( most pain), in our practice we strive to keep clients at a pain threshold at 5 or less. Once the procedure is finished, you should be able to go about your day with no limitations.

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Ultherapy is safe on all skin types

One advantage of Ultherapy over laser treatments is that it can be used safely on all skin types. It uses focused ultrasound, which is precisely targeted in layers under the surface without affecting the pigment layer.

Richard Baxter, MD
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