Can I determine, fairly accurately, 5 weeks post breast augmentation my bra size? (photo)

I am a few days shorts of being 5 weeks post op. I received 350cc silicone gel MPP implants. I have gone to my PS, and he is very pleased with my results so early on. They have dropped significantly and have softened so much. The swelling has also subsided, and they look smaller now which I expected at around the second week. Currently, I am fitting fully into 34D bras, so a small D (I haven't found any properly fitting C bras). Is there a possibility that I will decrease to a C or increase?

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Breast size

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At six weeks your breasts are still swollen. They will settle down a bit over the next few weeks.

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Cup Size after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for the photos. You have a great result. More accurate sizing occurs usually around three months in my experience.

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Swelling after Breast Augmentation

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Hello and thank you for your question.

My patients tend to ask me a similar question all the time! When I tell them they're still very swollen, they are then concerned that they're going to lose size as the swelling resolves. I tell them that the swelling doesn't really add size to the breast. It more acts to deform the shape, which as the swelling resolves allows the breast to take a much more natural shape and form.

So I'm sure your size probably won't change much if at all.

But your shape will continue to improve over the next several weeks.

Can I determine, fairly accurately, 5 weeks post breast augmentation my bra size?

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Looking at the photos, these implants look properly positioned. Any swelling you may have had is likely resolved by now. I don't think you can expect much size change.

If you are asking in order to purchase bras, you would do well to buy just a few, and regroup at 3 months after surgery. If no change between then and now, you can expect no size change.

All the best.

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Breast size

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It is really too soon post-op to assess a final outcome. As hard as it is, please be patient and let the swelling resolve and the implants drop. Best of luck.

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